Why the 1955 Citroën DS Was Ahead of Its Time | WIRED

The 1955 Citroën DS is the auto industry's platypus: bizarre, delightful, innovative, and, if not inimitable, never imitated. WIRED's Jack Stewart took both the DS and SM for a spin.
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Why the 1955 Citroën DS Was Ahead of Its Time | WIRED


  • Ungur Dani
    Ungur Dani3 days ago


  • Τ S.P.
    Τ S.P.23 days ago

    44 years old and still in love with this amazing car... I remember first time seeing this masterpiece as a kid! Amazing french cars (GR)

  • José Carvalho
    José CarvalhoMonth ago

    J'ai un rêve, avoir une DS!

  • Jacob
    Jacob2 months ago

    This one doesn't look like a 1955... the door handles were different in 1955..

  • Jourwalis -
    Jourwalis -2 months ago

    The SM is fantastic! Still the most advanced car in the world!

  • Pierre Maillet
    Pierre Maillet2 months ago

    La DS du reportage date au minimum de 1967, elle se distingue par ses phares sous plexiglas et tournants. Alors que la version de 1955 avait des phares ronds , comme le coupé que l'on aperçoit en arrière plan , derrière la Traction.

  • Daniel Peixoto Martins
    Daniel Peixoto Martins2 months ago

    "was ahead of its time"? Don't you mean "is ahead of its time"?

  • Francis Couderq
    Francis Couderq2 months ago

    And nowwwwwwww.... AMI time!!!!!

  • Biskra Biskra
    Biskra Biskra2 months ago


  • Joshua Rialto
    Joshua Rialto3 months ago


  • Guus Bouman
    Guus Bouman3 months ago

    Funny it has a Dutch license plate

  • Shane Bunting
    Shane Bunting4 months ago

    You forgot to mention the new DS brand inspired by that model

  • Yatinder kumar Gupta
    Yatinder kumar Gupta4 months ago

    Citroen has revolutionary technology which provides greater comfort and safety but I wonder why it was not used by other car makers yatiinder Kumar

  • comrade_craig
    comrade_craig4 months ago

    Wait thats a 1955?

    SIMONE MCCLELLAND5 months ago

    Ben Voila WHen one est Francaise one is always proud et enchante par this Bitiful machine Elle merite l Medaille d' or Love it

  • eXAKR
    eXAKR5 months ago

    Imagine: Citroën releasing a new DS that looks exactly like the original, but build to modern safety standards and equipped with an all-electric motor that has the same power output as the original's engine. That thing will sell like hotcakes.

  • Ed Watson

    Ed Watson

    4 months ago

    A job for an “Elon Musk” type! Over the years I’ve owned 5 Cit’s, wonderful machines AND beautiful clean and practical features and shape. No UGLY front design

  • Ed Watson

    Ed Watson

    4 months ago

    Amen. I suggested an eCitroen to Burbank car lover (????) to do just that! It is not only a beautiful design but is WAY ahead of the times. Step 1, put an electric power system in a la an eBMW or Honda, or ? ? ? Add solar panels on hood roof and trunk. Then add light weight carbon fiber doors/fenders and make the frame of CF for an Ultimate light weight eCitroen! Ed

  • Struwex
    Struwex6 months ago

    That is totally not the 55 ds?

  • UHF43
    UHF436 months ago

    The hydropneumatic suspension was so revolutionary that Mercedes-Benz and Rolls-Royce licensed it.

  • blxtothis
    blxtothis7 months ago

    Why are you saying that is a 1955 DS, that is a far more recent updated model, the 1955 car DID NOT have fired in swivelling headlights, it had exposed single lamps. Do your homework before you release such misleading rubbish!


    Awesome ds👏✊👍

    FUCK SHIT7 months ago


  • José Carvalho
    José Carvalho9 months ago

    This were Citroen Golden years, now Citroen only make ordinary cars like all the others, such a pity!

  • Gilles Robveille
    Gilles Robveille10 months ago

    It's not a car it' an icon.

  • Aleksandar Kostevski
    Aleksandar Kostevski10 months ago


  • Sadhana is Life
    Sadhana is Life10 months ago

    The new citroen models are BS except the Cactus

  • Ed Arcuri
    Ed Arcuri11 months ago

    Clearly the most innovative single car of the twentieth century, the DS' "time" still has not arrived as it remains the high bar. The pictured car is not a 55, of course, but an evolution of that remarkable car.

  • sarajevorajvosa
    sarajevorajvosa11 months ago


  • Pierre Pinson
    Pierre PinsonYear ago

    🇫🇷🗼FRENCH BEAUTY🗼🚘.☕🥐🥖🍰🍷🍾🥂.👗👛👜🛍🛍🛍💝.

  • Guillaume Romain

    Guillaume Romain

    7 months ago

  • Podge
    PodgeYear ago

    Does the cx have the same features?

  • Andro 24257
    Andro 24257Year ago

    Moj drug vedad ga vidio uzivo.

  • Ananda Bagus
    Ananda BagusYear ago

    how much is it now?

  • Jason Goncalves
    Jason GoncalvesYear ago

    Note 1. Drive a car

  • DokStrange
    DokStrangeYear ago

    The video didn't even mention that the car could drive on 3 wheels.

  • Philippe Marchand4431
    Philippe Marchand4431Year ago

    When you consider the cars on the road in 1955, you realize how much creativity it took to design such a masterpiece.

  • Love It Or Scrap It
    Love It Or Scrap ItYear ago

    It was very futuristic. Thumbs up.

  • Rex Luminus
    Rex LuminusYear ago

    A true master piece. No doubt about it. Thank you. Build new ones please.

  • joe Hersey
    joe HerseyYear ago

    F WOW

  • Richard Tsan
    Richard Tsan2 years ago

    A rolling art!

  • Nicolas Locatelli
    Nicolas Locatelli2 years ago

    At this time, France was the most incroyable pays du monde !

  • William Sands
    William Sands2 years ago

    the french are actually amazing

  • Cascito
    Cascito2 years ago

    Is this is the car which turned in Lamborghini Centanario In Transformers - the last knight????

  • Jugdjay
    Jugdjay2 years ago

    Actually that's the 1971 Citroën DS.

  • Tlot Pwist
    Tlot Pwist2 years ago

    Timeless design

    TRUTH SEEKER2 years ago

    Car Suspension design is pathetic in modern cars even Citroens. This DS is miles ahead of 99.99% of cars on the road today

  • Patria Nostra
    Patria Nostra2 years ago

    Thanks for the nice video. I do own a DS21 1972 with the Citromatic ( the 4 speed semi automatic transmission) I have been trying for years at great expense to keep it on the road. I now have been hit with a massive LHM leak. I am desperate to find a mechanic qualified on those cars to fix this problem. I suspect the power steering to be the cause I live in Orange County California/ Any hint, information would be greatly appreciated . Please help me out, I just love the car but cannot drive it even after the massive amount of money I spent on it. Thank you in advance.

  • zagyex


    Year ago

    join the "Citroen DS Tech Talk, Parts and Needs" group on Facebook.

  • Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS
    Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS2 years ago

    Unfortunately, the new head of Citroen (an American woman -lawyer-?) abandoned what made Citroen so fantastic, and ahead of it's time! Shame!

  • annecy49
    annecy492 years ago

    Mama mia! What a DS you have there! Magnifique !!! Many thanks for the sharing!

  • just a bagel
    just a bagel2 years ago

    imagine this in 1955, well i cant that's a later model .

  • 木村剛史
    木村剛史3 years ago

    Extremely Exotic, and Beautiful !!!

  • Hugo Damián Pastor
    Hugo Damián Pastor3 years ago

    Most beautiful car ever done. Period.

  • Matthew Barrick

    Matthew Barrick

    Month ago

    I was gonna argue but I honestly can’t think of anything more pretty than a ds I mean maybe a 1952 Alfa Romeo 6c, they certainly don’t make cars like they used to eh?

  • Petyr Kowalski
    Petyr Kowalski3 years ago

    That is not a '55 DS... Its a late model as they made it until 1975

  • Philip Cooper
    Philip Cooper3 years ago

    They have the confidence, aaaaaaaand went bankrupt, bought out by Peugeot.

  • Marko JAdranko

    Marko JAdranko

    Year ago

    They too much invest it and they didnt have profitable cars segment for the company.On the begining they have just 2cv and expensive luxury Ds

  • Sam Sen
    Sam Sen3 years ago

    I remember DS form its earlier time and it truly was something like no other, on the road. Can't understand why it never got popular in USA, except if it was the pure zealous feel or some unusual human nature may show, in relation to geography of product's origin! Definitely nothing to do with educational desire. And there was another European car (Possibly French or Italian) that I don't remember the name but had propeller under the car, at the rear and yes, it was amphibian (For when need arises) but dominantly made for usual roads (Real car that was capable of dealing with temporarily boat function) . You don't see that level of innovation these days except for ideas Elon Musk has or barrows from other genius guys with less executive power.

  • No name
    No name3 years ago

    líbý se my citroen ds

  • Haiho HH
    Haiho HH3 years ago

    Why Citroën doesnt make this kind of car anymore? I blame Peugeot for restricting Citroën's creativity!

  • Fardim Nazir

    Fardim Nazir

    3 months ago

    @Jean Moins Wasn't successful? It was in production for nearly 20 years, selling normal car volumes lmao

  • Philip Cooper

    Philip Cooper

    7 months ago

    Because their cool cars ran the company into bankruptcy.

  • Satasiwam Ramasamy

    Satasiwam Ramasamy

    11 months ago

    @Jean Moins lol the time we no MP y

  • Anthony Xuereb

    Anthony Xuereb

    Year ago

    Because people don't buy them unfortunately and sales matter. It's one thing to praise it's virtues but the masses flock to simpler cars.

  • Marko JAdranko

    Marko JAdranko

    Year ago

    @Jean Moins citroen ds was sell and produce with almost million and a half produced cars.Jay leno says that is very good result for citroen because in america.Citroen ds was similar to cadillac with prices in america.And Quentin wilson says that citroen ds was awful lot of money like mercedes w108 250 se in britain.Mercedes w108 is f segment of cars citroen ds e segment,

    TRUTH SEEKER3 years ago

    The 1955 Citroen DS makes car manufacturers efforts in 2017 seem pathetic! Consumers are no loner interested in what happens under the car only what the screen does glued to the dashboard whilst the suspension bumps up and down with coil springs with no self levelling. Even cars today with air suspension are very bumpy compared to DS Hydropneumatic suspension.

  • A Guy Called Pi
    A Guy Called Pi3 years ago

    Are those Dutch plates? In the US? Is that legal?

  • Michael Dürager
    Michael Dürager3 years ago

    Jack has one of the best sounding voices i have ever heard... Plz do some voiceovers vor BBC Earth or anything :D

  • Alvaro Risso
    Alvaro Risso3 years ago

    If you think the Mercedes S Class was innovative and ahead of its time, better think again! No German car would match the Citroën's superb engineering and features of that time. Former president Charles de Gaulle made the right choice in using this as the presidential car. If he had ridden on a Mercedes 300 Adenauer or any other S Class, I can bet he wouldn't have survived the assassination attempt in the 60s. It's funny how people praised the S Class for innovative when in fact it was nothing more than a mainstream luxury car with almost no features if compared to one of these Citroëns. Simply a superb car!

  • Commentator541
    Commentator5413 years ago

    BULLSHIT. This is how the video goes: "Hey Americans, this car that you'll never see, it is so cool, we can say anything we want, OMG we are so cool for having a chance to drive this amazing marvel, if only you could too". SHUT THE FUCK UP. Thank you. Ahead of it's time? Ever heard of Tesla model X?

  • Jourwalis -
    Jourwalis -3 years ago

    There was a short glimpse of the SM:s dashboard in the beginning....

  • whatever04
    whatever043 years ago

    Is just beautiful.. The new cars look amazing too..

  • CarsCloseUp


    9 months ago

    Carlos Vilhena Pereira The Citroën C-Aircross is as ugly as the DS is beautiful. Period.

  • Carlos Vilhena Pereira

    Carlos Vilhena Pereira

    2 years ago


  • Nicolas Bertin
    Nicolas Bertin3 years ago

    Nowadays Citroën and Peugeot are awful car companies. Their cars are famously cheap, and famously unreliable. Electronics go bad all the time, and not just small electronics like the radio or GPS, but engine electronics, locking systems, lights... My father's C5 once had an issue that made the engine cut off in the middle of the freaking highway. GPS updates need to be physically added by a mechanic. The radio often turns on and off for no reason. Overtime they lose value like crazy compared to Japanese and German-made cars. Unfortunately the French have been brainwashed by years of adverts, and they don't think French cars are unreliable, because they all have one. So they think it's the norm. You won't see many Toyotas or Mazdas in France, while they're just as cheap and way more reliable. Of course they don't look as funky, but I'd rather have a reliable Yaris than a garbage Citroën Cactus...

  • 977Artemida


    2 years ago

    Completely true statement for French carrs

  • The Frog

    The Frog

    3 years ago

    Sorry to disagree Nicolas Bertin, my 2002 Coupé 406 is still at the top ! And I am not talking about the Pinifarina design which is stellar, I am talking about the inside "famously unreliable" Peugeot/Citroën parts...

  • Sam Sen

    Sam Sen

    3 years ago

    Yes, ditto it all. In fact it was Renault that has totally destroyed Nissan's well made cars (Many pioneer of their class and time) and sprit, after taking over the company in mid 2000s. I used to drive a Maxima in 1994 when they made their newer design car and it was one of the greatest car I ever drove (And I drove it across the American continent!). Now a days Maxima is indistinguishable from Altima, then every car Nissan makes, is even worst than KIA, Hyunda or Ford! And for Peugeot, I never liked anything Peugeot ever made except 504 for daily commute.

  • AttackTheGasStation1


    3 years ago

    Nicolas Bertin Arrêter de cracher toutes ces conneries, d'ailleurs c'est complètement faux.

  • Buck Olsen

    Buck Olsen

    3 years ago

    Beware of French cars manufactured after the Wine Break and of German cars manufactured after the Beer Break, such as C Class Mercedes

  • Pope-Eye
    Pope-Eye3 years ago

    This goes to prove that a car can be both aerodynamic and beautiful. Car makers today don't have a clue.

  • Tom Svenkesen

    Tom Svenkesen

    Year ago

    Pope-Eye yes is thru.

  • Fabian Lefebvre
    Fabian Lefebvre3 years ago

    I would really like to know some more about these cars. The man who designed these models of the DS such as the HY and the Citroen Traction Avant, is my grand grandfather Andrè Lefebvre. Anyone who knows about the cars or the history can send me a little email or leave an email address and I will contact them.

  • Gchoobe


    Year ago

    Wow that's incredible. Did you ever meet your great grandfather?

  • gnocchialpesto


    2 years ago

    Not much of a choice with "Pijo" running the show.

  • Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS

    Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS

    2 years ago

    Such a pity that Citroen abandoned such fantastic technology and went mainstream!

  • zagyex


    2 years ago

    Actually Magés designed the hydraulics (I met his grandson on youtube too! :) and Lefebvre did the overall design and concept design. Bertoni did the shape. But the car is clearly the brain child of Lefebvre, it is very similar in many points to the Voisin Laboratoire which was a race car he designed earlier. I certainly think Lefebvre changed the concept of the car for ever, his designs were so unique and forward looking. All the citroens and voisins he designed were masterpieces in their own way. All of them went cultic. I hope you are very proud of your grandfather, I really admire him. If you ever have a chance, take a ride in these cars. If you are ever in Budapest, contact me I give you a ride in a DS :)

  • Lucas de Haan

    Lucas de Haan

    3 years ago

    Fabian Lefebvre your great grandfather was the technical designer of the hydraulics of the DS, you can mail me at hldehaan@gmail.com if you want to know some more.

  • Haas Thierry
    Haas Thierry3 years ago

    @Derbi senda : sorry but it's not a Dutch plate. This is a French plate. 1 to 4 numbers and 1 to 3 letters and 2 numbers (for the "département) 33 is "Gironde" (Bordeaux). The rear plate is black. (sorry for bad English).

  • W0uter1992


    3 years ago

    @Derbi senda is right, this is a Dutch license plate. You can lookup the information here voertuig.net/kenteken/33YB33

  • paulparoma
    paulparoma3 years ago

    It's "Citro-EN", not "Citron". See the two dots above the "e"? You Brits always have to screw everything up.

  • jmtikka


    Year ago

    In Finland we sometimes use the name Situuna (Finnish for Citron/Lemon)

  • paulparoma


    3 years ago

    Exactly. Andre Citroen deliberately put the two dots above the "e" so his name would not be pronounced "Citron."

  • Buck Olsen

    Buck Olsen

    3 years ago

    "Citron" in French means "Lemon" and we don't want that mistake to be made!

  • trespire
    trespire3 years ago

    A 55 DS19 still has many features more advanced than most modern cars. The DS breaking is phenomenal, it's like dropping four anchors. I don't think any modern cars even come close, accept extremely high performance sports cars. What modern car can drive around on 3 wheels. or survive a blowout of both tires on the same side at high speed ?

  • DADO
    DADO3 years ago

    All citroen cars are masterpiece.

  • LivviEquestrian
    LivviEquestrian3 years ago

    president de gaulle owed his life to a DS during a botched assasination attempt in the 1960s, the ds was driven away from the gunman on 3 wheels to safety try doing that in a conventional motor car. trully an engineerring marvel.

  • ydela23


    3 years ago

    On 2 wheels. They punctured 2 wheels: the front left and rear right. What the driver did was retrograde to 3rd gear (to gain extra punch) and accelerate. With a normal car, this would swing the car around. But here, the car was fully drivable despite the high accelaration.

  • derbi senda
    derbi senda3 years ago

    For all of you who wants from what year this car is, 1973 Because of his Dutch license plate I was able to find some additional info.

  • Jourwalis -
    Jourwalis -3 years ago

    But remember: This doesn´t apply to Citroens inferior models of today......

  • Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS

    Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS

    2 years ago

    Not inferior, but they (the American head of Citroen) abandoned the Hydro-active suspension for reasons of "money". The C5 and 6(I believe) still had it.

  • cris rose
    cris rose3 years ago

    im sorry but french is not a country...

  • steven moore
    steven moore3 years ago

    the SM " more of a driver's car". ??? Connerie!

  • mitch075fr


    11 months ago

    This could be justified when equating "driver" with "US driver" where driving a stick is for paupers who can't afford a V8 hemi with a torque converter (which hilariously wastes about half of these 400+HP the engine can generate, while the DS wastes none of its 115 Hp) and doing anything other than a straight line is so difficult it's reserved for an elite - after all, there IS a reason why F1 GP has no races in the US, and why only the US follow indy car racing (where the drivers only need to practice how to turn left on a given course, or right if they decide to make things more difficult). It is also true that even the DS23 was a bit lacking in the horsepower department; it took quite some time to reach said high speeds (0-100kph in 16 seconds), but the car compensated beautifully with its near-perfect road holding capabilities and its still unrivalled aerodynamics, meaning that you could reach and maintain very high speeds (180+ kph) with it.

  • twitte0king
    twitte0king3 years ago


  • Dairekatana
    Dairekatana3 years ago

    Funny to notice that this particular DS has been in at least three countries. It is a Citroen so it was produced in France, for the Dutch market (hence the vintage Dutch license plates), where it was driven a few years before being imported in to the US. What a short 3.40 min. can tell you, without actually telling you ;-)

  • Justin Hill
    Justin Hill3 years ago

    This was the car that was used to make the taxi cab on Back to the Future part II.

  • Helvi Hautala

    Helvi Hautala

    3 years ago

    Justin Hill The Yugoslavs allowed drivers for politicians to make money by using the Citroens used to drive them around to be used as taxis at intercity bus and train stations. One could get a bus to an Adriatic beach town and be driven to where they were going to engage in naturism in a luxury Citroen.

  • Nichole lakeerieprepper
    Nichole lakeerieprepper3 years ago

    yay!!! grenade

  • eknoor singh
    eknoor singh3 years ago

    Can someone tell me why they stopped the Battle Damage series?

  • AstronomyToday
    AstronomyToday3 years ago

    That's not a 1955 DS19 at all, That's a mid 70's DS21 model. one of the "super D" models right before production ended. the '55 had single circular headlamps, no amber side indicators, single exhaust, the brake lights were completely different, it had no fancy suspension, the rear mirror is placed differently among numerous other things.

  • derbi senda

    derbi senda

    3 years ago

    ganymedeIV4 The car has a Dutch license. I found out this is a 1973 model.

  • zagyex


    3 years ago

    The 55 DS had the same suspension (with a different hydraulic fluid).

  • copypastecopypaste
    copypastecopypaste3 years ago

    love this car

  • Contemplative Whale
    Contemplative Whale3 years ago

    I'm a broke 20 years old french student without even my driver license, i don't like cars that much.. but now I want this car SO MUCH

  • lapin malin

    lapin malin

    8 months ago

    Si tu découvres cette voiture à 20ans c'est grave vu que c'est l'une des voitures Française les plus connus avec la 2cv

  • Patrick Pelletier

    Patrick Pelletier

    3 years ago

    @Contemplative Whale oh ok, i believe right now any cars that are from 1998 or older or something like that are not allowed in the cities between the times of 8am and 8pm, so basically they force people to buy newer cars or else they cant use the older cars between the main commuting times.

  • Contemplative Whale

    Contemplative Whale

    3 years ago

    I don't know what regulations apply , (i don't have a driver license...) but it's not very unusual to see someone driving a DS in town. So I guess there is not much restrictive rules about it.

  • Patrick Pelletier

    Patrick Pelletier

    3 years ago

    @Contemplative Whale oh ok, and i think it's still the car of the people in France or something like that. I wonder if this car is exempt from those regulations that regulate when older cars can be used in the city

  • Patrick Pelletier

    Patrick Pelletier

    3 years ago

    @Contemplative Whale oh ok, and i think it's still the car of the people in France or something like that. I wonder if this car is exempt from those regulations that regulate when older cars can be used in the city

  • 2LegHumanist
    2LegHumanist3 years ago

    Why is Wired so interested in pushing this filthy dirty old technology. The internal combustion engine is on its way out. The future is electric!

  • Benjamin CHARLIN

    Benjamin CHARLIN

    7 months ago

    Or maybe.... Wired is pushing citroën, a company you should have interrest in, since they produce most of the more ecological car

  • Michael Kennedy

    Michael Kennedy

    3 years ago

    Razvan J the gtr was an example of acceleration... I was in no way trying to compare a 2 door super coupe to a 4 door luxury saloon..... You've just attacked the easiest point I made and ignored the rest

  • Michael Kennedy

    Michael Kennedy

    3 years ago

    +2LegHumanist so you can get to 0-60 in a ridiculous time.. But you will not do that every time.. and that is only true for the P100d not everyone can afford one. You can buy a GTR and have money left over and it takes about 3 minutes to recharge your GTR to any percentage you wish! Who cares that you can get Instant torque? That's been true for as long as there has been electric motors! I'm not hating electric cars I happen to love them, Just don't go around acting sanctimonious with them! Just guarantee me your electricity source is 100% green and the production of your batteries is better off for the planet than my so called "Gas Guzzler" Also source your "Consumer Reports" because rating it 103 out of 100 is just fake, Childish and/or American. no car is perfect. I've had the pleasure of driving a 2015 Bentley Mulsanne and that wasn't 103 out of 100.

  • 2LegHumanist


    3 years ago

    LMAO. Oh no, not Jay Leno. Consumer reports rated the Tesla model S was the best car they have ever tested and rated it 103 out of 100. Model S is the quickest production vehicle on earth. You can have your gas guzzlers and you can eat my dust. =D

  • Marc Ager

    Marc Ager

    3 years ago

    Oh, how exciting an electric car...souless....Jay Leno who owns every car worth owning believes the DS is the best ride of all, his video is here for the DS believer and unbeliever.

  • Ivo Poblete
    Ivo Poblete3 years ago

    That's not a '55 because in that year the swivel headlights (one on each side) were just ordinary static ones. The turning, under-glass headlights (two on each side, but only the smaller one had the turning mechanism) were introduced in '68.

  • mitch075fr


    11 months ago

    @FerryXtheMercy The headlight were actually separately levelling - depending on the car's load and weight distribution, making the headlights self-adjust even in case of heavy braking or overloading.

  • zagyex


    2 years ago

    FerryXtheMercy There is a need for that because you can set it to 3 different ride heights. (or 5 if you are brave). You want to set it to different heights without realigning the headlights.

  • Leonardo Dominguez

    Leonardo Dominguez

    3 years ago

    First thing I noticed and came to read if anyone else had done so too.

  • FerryXtheMercy


    3 years ago

    zagyex No need for that, as the whole car was self-leveling! The hydropneumatic suspension took care of that...

  • Buck Olsen

    Buck Olsen

    3 years ago

    '55 models are very hard to obtain. Not many survived years on the roads with salted winter roads. Those that are left over are like museum pieces that owners won't let you take for a spin.

  • Sir Alfred Powell
    Sir Alfred Powell3 years ago

    It doesn't just feel it... it is. Do more of these videos please! Lambo Espada, db5, Porsche 911, Mercedes Pagoda etc!!

  • Hamza Anwar
    Hamza Anwar3 years ago

    That suspension though

  • Λογος Λογος

    Λογος Λογος

    7 months ago

    tinatpasselepoivre That was even more true when I was a kind sitting in the back seat and dad drove up the mountain...

  • Hamza Anwar

    Hamza Anwar

    3 years ago

    Well it is for me

  • tinatpasselepoivre


    3 years ago

    If you are car-sick don't get in one. Let's just say the hovering feeling is not for everyone.

  • Nutcracko Games
    Nutcracko Games3 years ago

    Much later on, but I was always told the Datsun 300zx was ahead of it's time :P

  • Egyptian Doctor
    Egyptian Doctor3 years ago

    This Citoen DS is well featured in the Alain Delon's Film "Le Samurai" in 1967. It's a masterpiece of engineering

  • Saab Railfan

    Saab Railfan

    Year ago

    The DS appears in Disney"s movie Ratatouille also.

  • Jean Moins

    Jean Moins

    Year ago

    And in lots of other films !!! The taxi that you see in Back to the future II is a DS

  • Sizzlin Moe Szyslak
    Sizzlin Moe Szyslak3 years ago

    beautiful car but unreliable.

  • Guillaume Romain

    Guillaume Romain

    7 months ago

    Sizzlin Moe Szyslak Extremely reliable, if you know what you're doing. This car was so advanced, that most mechanics simply did not. Don't blame it on the car. Blame the tool guy

  • lapin malin

    lapin malin

    8 months ago

    @Arya Jonathan 2 tires not 4

  • Marko JAdranko

    Marko JAdranko

    Year ago

    @Haiho HH how citroen ds was unreilable

  • Haiho HH

    Haiho HH

    3 years ago

    Jamie Williamson either way, one usecase is not enough evidence to suggest these are unreliable. Duh

  • zagyex


    3 years ago

    Not unreliable. I have one for 9 years, and travelled through Europe from Finland to Southern france many times. I'd trust it to travel long distances any time. Of course you need to take care of it.

  • solokom
    solokom3 years ago

    This car is awsome. The seats are like lounge chairs and in the backseat is like a couch. With the right music, you feel like sitting in a mobile lounge.

  • Hideogame Dunkey

    Hideogame Dunkey

    3 years ago

    I know! The first time I sat in one I melted because the seats were the best seats I've ever sat in in my life!

  • Brian McKay
    Brian McKay3 years ago

    Thank you! That's an entertaining, briskly-paced, beautifully-photographed, well-narrated video about interesting cars that we're not familiar with.

  • Vasco Palha
    Vasco Palha3 years ago

    Imagine how often the suspension broke

  • Rhums


    3 years ago

    Actually, it's pretty reliable. I owned 2 BX when I was young driver (first broke engine at 350000km+ after 23 years of poor care, second had been sold) . No major issue with suspension, I had to replace the hydraulic "spheres" at some point but it can be done without any tool, it's just screwed and when you put the car on low position, there's no much force needed to untight them. it cost me 50€ for 2 spheres. The worst case scenario is the LHM major leak, and in that case you would lose assisted direction first, then suspension, then brakes... so it provides enough time and warnings to stop before real troubles. And yes everything in the car is managed by a single hydraulic circuit. The real pain in the ass comes if the "spider" fails. the repair costs are huge in that case cause that's the part that manages the whole hydraulic system.... but that's very rare. You still can see lots of old Diesel Citroen in France (BX and Xantia), the engines are immortal and suspension feel is astonishing during long rides. It's smooth ; giving the impression to fly on a magic carpet. So you can say some Citroën are ugly and slow but not unreliable.

  • Simon Stauber

    Simon Stauber

    3 years ago

    Vasco Palha // don't be daft!! It's same as your wife...keep her satisfied & u can keep riding her.

  • Nigel Terry

    Nigel Terry

    3 years ago

    Very rarely TBH. I've had nothing other than hydraulic Citroens and have found the suspension more reliable than anything else. Gorgeous cars and a swine to work on but I can forgive them......

  • Stephen Crowther

    Stephen Crowther

    3 years ago

    Vasco Palha They were not particularly known for suspension problems. My dad had one in the early '60's (ID 19) Never any problems with the 2 he had. Made everything else on the road look like an antique. They were streets ahead of everything else.

  • zagyex


    3 years ago

    This kind of suspension is used in tanks and military vehicles, go figure.

  • PuchNiX
    PuchNiX3 years ago

    I have the same model at the beginning but red, still totally new, that car is just awesome.

  • Sir Alfred Powell

    Sir Alfred Powell

    3 years ago

    PuchNiX Sweet!