The Futuristic 1972 Citroën SM | Jay Leno's Garage

Jay shows you all of the features that made this Citroën a futuristic luxury car.
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Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the series explores our obsession with all things automotive. From classic cars to supercars and everything in-between, Jay is hitting the road to discover the most exciting, weird and wonderful vehicles ever made and meet the passionate people behind their wheels. Each one-hour themed episode features a mix of stunts, challenges, reviews, and celebrity interviews that showcases the colorful history of the automobile. Whether he’s exploring the story of an iconic brand, road-testing the newest super car, or investigating the latest automotive innovations, there is no wheel Jay won’t get behind to tell the story of our love affair with the car.
About Jay Leno: Acclaimed TV late night show host, admired stand-up comedian, best-selling children’s book author, much-in-demand corporate speaker, lovable TV and movie voice-over artist, pioneering car builder and mechanic, and philanthropist…it’s no wonder that Jay Leno is widely characterized as “the hardest working man in show business.”
The Futuristic 1972 Citroën SM | Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage


  • Moto Guzzi
    Moto Guzzi10 hours ago

    This is one of the coolest cars ever. If you've never driven a Citroen with hydraulic suspension, you're in for a surprise. It almost feels like the wheels aren't connected to the chassis and if you go around a turn, you think that you will die. However, it sticks like glue, it is very comfortable and smooth. When I drove my father's car ,the first time, I nearly soiled my pants.

  • Emilio Murillo
    Emilio Murillo15 hours ago

    what did Citroen do after they made the car of the future?

  • Toby Kline
    Toby Kline16 hours ago

    I had to come here to see how Citroen was pronounced

  • Blake Cartwright
    Blake Cartwright21 hour ago

    This car is absolutely amazing. Definitely one of my favorite cars I've ever seen. I would easily buy one today if it was somehow possible. That suspension is really something man. An almost timeless looking car in my opinion.

  • Grayson Sparkman
    Grayson SparkmanDay ago

    ♥ ♥

  • Goldilocks
    GoldilocksDay ago

    I would never buy a Citroën but I'm glad they exist because they just make the car world more interesting.

  • Leon Maliniak
    Leon MaliniakDay ago

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  • David Mann
    David Mann5 days ago

    I have a friend who had one in the late 70's (Disco era). He would joke it's his quirky French girlfriend, hairy and smells but nothing is sexier.

  • Richard Lacker
    Richard Lacker5 days ago

    i think that this car will keep going with a wheel missing

  • S Gratian
    S Gratian5 days ago

    Yep! One of my favorite cars, ever!

  • José Luis Calvo Ucha
    José Luis Calvo Ucha6 days ago


  • Barrie Wright
    Barrie Wright8 days ago

    I think this citron, has got to be one of my favourite car's just for the turning lights. It's a very sophisticated car with a lot of technology for the time it came out in. Thanks J for giving us these shows, through these trying times.

  • Michael Monument
    Michael Monument8 days ago

  • Joe Busch
    Joe Busch8 days ago

    Jay, Thanks for posting this fabulous French car. What was the msrp On it? I really love your interpretation of the French accent. it cracks us up every time. Keep these videos coming and sharing your awesome car collection. My collection is one car which i bought new in 2016 and has some Alfa roots, my 2016 Dodge Dart, just a terrific little car. It does everything I ask of it with confidence.

  • Paul Sheehan
    Paul Sheehan8 days ago

    that car looks the one burt reynolds drove in the longest yard, (1974, prision league football).

  • pipperxxx
    pipperxxx9 days ago

    That car, he drove one. Memories with my father, thank you

  • Guillaume Peignon
    Guillaume Peignon9 days ago

    You are an artist ! Great car in a great condition, thanks for this tour.

  • Savior Flair
    Savior Flair9 days ago

    It could be the lighting, but at 18:00, the drivers door looks like it could be a shade different color ?? Maybe from a previous repair ??

  • signature90094
    signature9009410 days ago

    I'd love to drive around Mulholland highway and find you driving your car on the opposite lane :D Hi from France !

  • ronn mattson
    ronn mattson10 days ago

    Is Christine sneaking up from behind on Jay and the French car?

  • bob veness
    bob veness10 days ago

    Jay you are the most down market millionair in the USA. You are great mate. Please don't ever change.

  • SuperRobertwillis
    SuperRobertwillis10 days ago

    Great car’s I had a familial 7seater and the e in Citroen is silent I believe jay .and could you do a vlog on a 1959 thunderbird convertible please my favourite American car 😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Dentakulator
    Dentakulator10 days ago

    Thanks for this video of my all-time favourite car. Man, I should’ve stretched my budget and bought one 15 years ago. Ah well, I just have to make do with my CX25 GTi Turbo 2. You should get one of those, Jay!

  • Patriot78
    Patriot7811 days ago


  • Bruce Donnelly
    Bruce Donnelly12 days ago

    Beautiful car, we had a DS with the turning headlights and it was great out on the country roads. There was a company in Queensland AUS that specialised in the SM and they were rebuilding them and were sold for around $50,000 in the 90's I think. Thanks for sharing this video, Jay. Cheers

  • Pietro Nguyễn
    Pietro Nguyễn12 days ago

    Car made in France is very good...

  • Lucas Andres Garcia Posadas
    Lucas Andres Garcia Posadas12 days ago

    Valla nave

  • Steve Ratliff
    Steve Ratliff12 days ago

    Thank you Jay for continuing to out these out. I don't mind the video quality at all. To me it feels almost more personal

  • Koladge
    Koladge13 days ago

    I love the looks of the dash looking up from the back of the car. Console is Awesome!!

  • Mister Nobody
    Mister Nobody13 days ago

    Thanks Jay, I passed you frequently on the road you film on, one of my favorite ways home. I used to be able to recognize you working because you'd be driving something saucy with a big suv filming you - oh well. Now I have to look out for saucy cars without the camera crew.

  • Jason Aselin
    Jason Aselin13 days ago

    Thanks so much - Jay! For making me laugh, and the fantastic history and narratives of this unique automobiles.

  • NeedMoarRage
    NeedMoarRage13 days ago

    Citroen needs to bring this suspension system back!

  • Nigel Bennett
    Nigel Bennett14 days ago

    Loving your heart felt and informative , conversations J. From another petrol head.

  • Anders Peter Hansen
    Anders Peter Hansen14 days ago

    Thx for keeping the shows on the air - even in these times - all the best

  • colin young
    colin young14 days ago

    Still looks modern. I live in Paris and recently saw a total wreck of one sitting in a garden, with two dogs sitting on the roof, shame..

  • Curtis Lowe
    Curtis Lowe16 days ago

    It's lasted 35 years. @ 15:03 the odometer shows 9971 total miles.

  • mazet alexandre
    mazet alexandre16 days ago

    hello American SM is not die ... SM whis actual technologie :

  • backblaise
    backblaise17 days ago

    In the words of James May: "Standard!"

  • Carchoc
    Carchoc18 days ago

    The cadillac v16 had Turing Light in 1930 too

  • James Mathisen
    James Mathisen18 days ago

    A man can dream... What an incredible machine, Jay Leno is a treasure!!

  • Joseph Martinez
    Joseph Martinez19 days ago

    And all this time, I thought lifted Chebies were born in East L.A.! 🤣👍

  • david weston
    david weston19 days ago

    Well now He has sold me on the SM. ( I suppose if you wanted this plus more speed, and the full Maserati motor, get a Maserati Khamsin, which incorporates the fabulous Citroen systeme hydraulique.) And if you want more luxury, get any RR or Bentley between 1967 and 1996. Much of what I love about the way my 69 RR drives is because of the Citroen system.

  • Corran Helme
    Corran Helme19 days ago

    I love the look of these - hugely and frighteningly complicated though!

  • Henrik Ahlqvist
    Henrik Ahlqvist19 days ago

    Lovely car, absolutely beautiful, one of my favourite cars. They did a good job with the C6 aswell especially with the interior like this one.

  • wagsbass
    wagsbass20 days ago

    Definitely the coolest car to be featured on this channel

  • Chris Pfeifer
    Chris Pfeifer20 days ago

    Pretty sure most of us are pretty grateful that you are doing these every week. They are just as good as doing them the other way.

  • Andy Balout
    Andy Balout20 days ago

    The name you forget is "Diravi" auto return to neutral... Sincerely

  • RENAULT Passion
    RENAULT Passion20 days ago

    A gréât french by Robert OPRON...

  • Charles Smyth
    Charles Smyth20 days ago

    I suspect that the exhaust system was well tucked up, out of the way, so that it didn't get cleaned off at a low suspension setting.

  • malcolm nicholls
    malcolm nicholls21 day ago

    The timing chains are known trouble. But, a German guy discovered super duty tractor items that are a reliable fix. Specialists use these now. On a separate note- goes to show how much you can trust car magazine awards.

  • NEWSCAM 603
    NEWSCAM 60321 day ago

    "French car has no brake pedal". Nope, too easy.

  • R 73R
    R 73R21 day ago

    I love French luxury cars . Was citroen C6 available in America? Great car.

  • Copper 29
    Copper 2922 days ago

    Thank you.

  • mike sutton
    mike sutton22 days ago

    Jay Leno , Could you please feature a 1963 Chevrolet Nova convertible ! As they only made Novas in a convertible for one year in 1963 !

  • noahman27
    noahman2723 days ago

    Greetings from Sharon, MA Jay. I really like the style and feel of the episodes your'e making during the pandemic. Keep 'em comin'. By the way, I'm still waiting for you to purchase and restore a classic SAAB 900 Turbo from the late '80s. Whadaya say? Let's do it!

  • Derfunkmeister
    Derfunkmeister23 days ago

    It's just such a beautiful car.

  • Salvatore Boi
    Salvatore Boi24 days ago

    What a great video! Thank you so much.

  • Peterr Crane
    Peterr Crane24 days ago

    jay...your monologue was excellent and manifests your true love for automobiles...almost bought one of these for $300 in 1979 in boston ma while at school...have you been to the Simeone auto museum here in philapa?

  • Mr.D Mr.D
    Mr.D Mr.D24 days ago

    Dude...If you Love France this much maybe you can go live there and pay 60% Taxes , You can give Trump a new job now he is sacked, you can use him as a crash Dummy...he has the correct IQ and face colour, Viva Jutice...(: Love the show Dude. Mr D . Head

  • Maria Aspvik
    Maria Aspvik25 days ago

    You didn't even notice that the camera crew wasn't there, very good shots.

  • Deeds Iggy
    Deeds Iggy25 days ago

    Hi Jay... Do you have Japanese cars? Kei cars? How about a Vios?

  • Lennart Andersson
    Lennart Andersson25 days ago

    That car was so ahead of its time. I once drove a Citroen CX and it was very different

  • lee S
    lee S25 days ago

    Your videos are a real treat, Jay, thank you!

  • Axmeteli
    Axmeteli26 days ago

    Respect J.L. From Georgia-Tbilisi )))

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis27 days ago

    I love the shape of the back window 11:43.

  • Sean O'Reilly
    Sean O'Reilly27 days ago

    An italian engine in a french car

  • craponlycomesoutadogsarse
    craponlycomesoutadogsarse27 days ago

    Cheers for keeping the videos coming. Really look forward to them coming out. Love being educated in the history of them and having a down to earth review on how they run. You have a really eclectic mix of cars in your collection, many of which I’d never heard of, including this one. It must take a lot of time and energy to keep them all going even having the luxury of a great climate. Hear in Scotland they would have all rusted away years ago even keeping them in a garage.

  • dphoenix1
    dphoenix127 days ago

    I think it was less about impact absorbing bumpers, and more about the fact that the car was height-adjustable -- this changed the height of the bumper, something I believe 1974 regulations did not permit. And Citroen being Citroen was absolutely unwilling to compromise that feature of the suspension. Same reason that was the last year the DS was imported as well. Obviously that part of the regulations got nixed after awhile -- can't remember exactly when, but I know classic Range Rovers had the adjustable air suspension by the late 80s/early 90s. Same exact deal with the turning headlamps. Personally I blame hyper-protectionism on the part of the government... as you mentioned, by the 1970s American automakers were riding high on their success, got lazy, quit innovating, and were churning out unreliable crap. Their hubris allowed foreign cars to come in and eat the domestics' lunches -- any new feature introduced by a foreign automaker that USDM automakers didn't have a version of, the DOT quickly drafted up regulations to ban it in the name of safety to keep American cars competitive, at least over here. The fact that we didn't get away from sealed beam headlights and into composites until *Ford* petitioned the government (for the first gen Taurus) should be proof enough of that. And it still goes on today; there's lots of really amazing, innovative headlight technology from European makes that still can't be sold here. Real shame, too... what ever happened to healthy competition being the driver of innovation and economic prosperity?

  • Rod Thompson
    Rod Thompson27 days ago

    Keep them coming Jay I really enjoy them

  • skunk1955
    skunk195528 days ago

    Didn't the Tucker have turning headlights ?

  • CamaroAmx
    CamaroAmx28 days ago

    Tucker had some of the first turning headlights. Lexus has/had headlights that turned.

  • T Nels
    T Nels29 days ago

    There's a lot of things that can be cured by horsepower...

  • Matt Mullins
    Matt Mullins29 days ago

    God bless you Jay Leno for these videos. I had some health challenges recently (not covid) and I was stuck at home alone to recover, unable to do much of anything. It was a very difficult time. Your videos pulled me through and kept me company when I was alone and suffering. Many thanks to you!

  • Henk Scheerooren
    Henk Scheerooren29 days ago

    marvelous, my dream car from when i was a little boy.

  • Bluehopi Bridge
    Bluehopi Bridge29 days ago

    First low rider ever , from the factory . U got that Spot on Jay

  • Bert Overweel
    Bert Overweel29 days ago

    I had a 2CV , 2 cilinder 36hp and later a Citroen AX , my father had a GS and a GSA . Great cars . Greetings from the Netherlands .

  • Chicago Louie
    Chicago LouieMonth ago

    I had the little burnt orange metallic Matchbox toy of this car as a kid and instinctively knew it was cool even as a child.

  • Paname514
    Paname514Month ago

    Citroën, the most innovative car manufacturer ever. Every new car brought standards to new heights.

  • John Dege
    John DegeMonth ago

    Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts also own this cool Citroen SM with a Maserati engine

  • Andreas Foda
    Andreas FodaMonth ago

    It´s an absolute joy to listen to a real enthusiast talking about his car. Thank you!

  • Maciel Mac
    Maciel MacMonth ago

    And now I'm a fan. I did not know this channel existed. What a great vídeo. What a great car.

  • Jami Scholl
    Jami SchollMonth ago

    Thanks for the personal touch of the video, Jay. My son sent this to me as an example of how he'd like to do some modifications (studies trans design), explaining about the tail and how it is better for gas mileage - that and the side panels over the rear wheels. What I found when watching this video was a number of things I dreamed of having in an automobile and didn't know existed, like lifting the car based on terrain, the headlights turning and, I'm still marveling over the rain sensing wipers, too. A few times you mentioned the gas mileage, yet didn't mention what it is, and I cannot find it by googling. Would you please share city/hwy mileage? I'm curious to see how a modification to an existing car might benefit from by this advanced design. Thanks!

  • Link!
    Link!Month ago

    IT's wonderful how you're keeping these videos going. It adds an element of stability to our lives. Thank you!

  • European Media
    European MediaMonth ago

    The French, they make awful cars in general and yet they make masterpieces like the Citroën SM

  • Eddy Bulich
    Eddy BulichMonth ago

    This car was used in the Burt Reynolds film " The Longest Yard" where it was supposed to be a Maserati - interesting to know it had an actual Maserati engine. But way way ahead of its time. My father actually worked on the Citroen production line in the late 1950's.

  • Bill Eudy
    Bill EudyMonth ago

    I almost talked my dad into buying an SM.

  • SirFoggy
    SirFoggyMonth ago

    Without sounding - or being! - which in the retrospect I was, a complete and utter arse ... back in the early 80s I had one of these beauties i was foolish enough to sell it an go for a MB 380SL. Don't get me wrong, 380SL was a beaute but... think I'll start looking for one of the 21DS' or SMs :D

  • Roger Kriz
    Roger KrizMonth ago

    Back when this car was HOT one of the car magazines, maybe R&T I think, had a write up and at the end of the article they had a photo of the rear view and said, " If you're inclined to race one of these this is the view you are most likely to see". Also the turning headlights were revolutionary and very effective. Thanks for the show Jay. Keep them coming.

  • sbodi4d
    sbodi4dMonth ago

    In this time of uncertainty, I am very glad you are continuing to bring us content, no matter the circumstances. I will always watch Jay Leno's Garage!

  • Maro Vok
    Maro VokMonth ago

    They were sold in USA ? Why they sopped selling the brand here ?

  • Maro Vok
    Maro VokMonth ago

    Wow ,that’s a good looking car , must be nice to own it .

  • David Pruitt
    David PruittMonth ago

    don't fret Jay,,, I like these just as good as the others,, and some ways more. More personal.

  • Ted DuPuis
    Ted DuPuisMonth ago

    My Godfather owned one of those when they were new over in Belgium, and decades later he touted all the same things that Jay said about it. As for the pandemic edition, I'd be fine if that was the new norm. I enjoy the guests coming and talking about their cars, but Jay's collection is so interesting and unique, I'd be happy with him just talking about one of his own vehicles every week for years to come. And he has enough that he could talk about a different one every week for years and not repeat them!

  • paul Murphy
    paul MurphyMonth ago

    great video....i the love the car

  • olivier devie
    olivier devieMonth ago

    j'ai eut une des premières SM avec un moteur changé de 3L, elle était tellement confortable que je roulais trop vite sans m'en apercevoir. Je l'ai malheureusement revendu pour une DS21 pallas de 66

  • David Bazan
    David BazanMonth ago

    When Motor Trend chose it as Car of the Year I was 16 and was shocked! I didn't dig going foreign! But, on the other hand it gave me a lifelong respect for the SM. I bought a Hot Wheel scale SM in authentic Citroen gray blue at the '74 NY auto show and felt I'd owned the real thing. The one here has the Euro headlights. Which weren't allowed in the US yet. It's almost American of its era in proportion with the long hood, and in style with all the chrome trim. This and the DS were Citroen's 1-2 knockouts, 16 years apart. Great color on this one. (The only new American cars for '72 were Ford's midsizes upon which the TBird/Mk were based and MTrend doesn't like given Car of the Year in default, which is a big reason why I thought they went with the SM.)

  • igor mujdanovic
    igor mujdanovicMonth ago


  • Shawn Eldridge
    Shawn EldridgeMonth ago

    In this pandemic world that has been forced upon us is great to hear Jay Leno to remind us of the Industrial Age that we came from classic cars I brought us here

  • scott craig
    scott craigMonth ago

    From 1979 l worked for nearly 15 years as an auto electrician.... I can categorically state all french cars had very poorly manufactured electrical systems which were always french cars Achilles heel....lucas and ford made average dependable electrical systems for the cars to which they were installed to...but because the German cars installed Bosch electrical components whether it was wiring ..relays ecu..s...starter motors alternators the quality was just so much better....this is the main reason German cars get better press for dependability....

  • scott craig

    scott craig

    Month ago

    My sincere apologies....I just forgot to include Italian cars.....

  • absoftitanium
    absoftitaniumMonth ago

    The difficulty with the Maserati engine was that the timing chain completely encircled the engine, in the middle of the block! Think of changing the timing chain; the engine had to be pulled and largely disassembled. If you waited too long to change the timing chain, it could break, wrecking the engine. A wonderful car, when it worked.