Sen. Rand Paul Discusses Reopening Schools at HELP Committee Hearing - June 30, 2020


  • Lisa Sanders
    Lisa SandersMonth ago

    Cv19 is just the globalization takeover. New world order. Say no! Prosicute these governor's, mayor's and congressman. Open schools. Stop these contact tracers. No mandatory vaccines by bill Gates. Listen to Robert Kennedy Jr. Expose these people. Great job senator Paul. KY has a crappy governor! Open America!

  • ODD MEN Gaming
    ODD MEN GamingMonth ago

    Paul/Crenshaw 2024

  • Malia N
    Malia NMonth ago

    My deepest respect for Sen. Rand Paul

  • Luis Saenz
    Luis SaenzMonth ago

    Dr fauci says no mlb ..... but yet throws out the first pitch smiling like a schoolgirl..... sad this guys a buffoon get him senator !!!!

  • Cj Boac
    Cj BoacMonth ago

    Fauci is disgusting!!! He’s back & forth like hot wind; one day he’s NO MASK is necessary, then the next he’s saying, oh everyone even little kids should be wearing masks! He truly is a political player & hypocrite! Can’t stand the hear him talk nor see him with all his little smirking & little, oh my, laughs! He’s SICKENING!!!

  • Corey Chambers
    Corey ChambersMonth ago

    Level-headed physicians ignored or fired after they prove concretely that children do not spread covid-19

  • Quack Tuber
    Quack TuberMonth ago

    Thank you!

  • Maggie Hettinger
    Maggie Hettinger2 months ago

    Paul (paraphrased): "Experts don't know. We should have local decisions, it's different for everyone.. So, Dr. Fauci, why aren't you giving us one exact answer? Why are you saying 'It depends.'?" See Dr. Fauci's answer.

  • paolo922
    paolo9222 months ago

    Rand Paul is an idiot who sold his soul to Trump! The expert is right! And proof is Florida, Texas and Arizona! The other European countries were responsible enough for schools to be opened. He speaks as if the pandemic is over when it is actually at its height! They are rushing to open schools for political purposes!

  • Manny Gomez
    Manny Gomez2 months ago

    Fauci spent more time talking about sports than schools in his response.

  • Bob Pegram
    Bob Pegram2 months ago

    Fauci is the very definition of arrogant tyrant.

  • Dan Artperson
    Dan Artperson2 months ago


  • Annie Hawkins
    Annie Hawkins2 months ago

    There's very little here addressing this disease - especially the spike of cases. Most comment's are endorsing Senator Paul and putting down other people. I'm a staunch supporter of Mr. Paul, McConnel and President Trump. However, I'd like to see something on this virus; not the people. The comment about mistakes were made in the use of respirators - lawsuits coming, needs an explanation. What kind of mistakes.

  • Linda
    Linda2 months ago

    Senator Paul. I wish you would move to Massachusetts. We need serious help here or maybe I'll move to Kentucky. Love your politics, hopefully you'll run for President. Keep up the good fight!

  • Mirella Smith
    Mirella Smith2 months ago

    Fauci is clearly showing contempt and lying to us.

  • Jacqueline Martensen
    Jacqueline Martensen2 months ago

    For the first time since I have been following politics I witness some one in Congress earning his salary by introducing legislation that is for the people. Oh my goodness I can't hardly believe it. You go Rand Paul I fell in love with you today, what a hero. Kentuckians sould be so proud. Oh my goodness I can't hardly believe it.

  • cedartouch
    cedartouch2 months ago

    'It' just a mask.' Rant by the Joker.

  • Louise White
    Louise White2 months ago

    People love to live in fear. Preach it Rand!!!

  • gman644
    gman6442 months ago

    Dr. Paul, you practicing physicians should stick together... I don't know if you have endorsed my brother Dr. Josh Gapp for the first Congressional district in Tennessee, but you should look him up. I believe the primary is this Thursday.

  • Thank You
    Thank You2 months ago

    The WHO did sensor their hearing when I went to listen to a public hearing.

  • ee
    ee2 months ago

    wait a minute ... let me get this straight.... you mean we actually have someone in congress that is willing to consider the facts and not gullibly believe the fake news media hype concerning the wuhan virus? now THAT's refreshing!!

  • cedartouch


    2 months ago

    Much more refreshing would be some representative calling the whole thing out for the NWO scam that it is.

  • Smedley Butler III
    Smedley Butler III2 months ago

    Some of us, fought in a land far far away..a land that's tricked its people into covering their face, for a religion. Now here in my own homeland, theyve done the exact same thing..only this one's "public health and safety". Once you spend a little time'll find a Rockefeller family foundation (and friends) behind both. Stripping the individual and placing everyone in the group.. The virus is Collectivism Individualism is the cure

  • Clint Tan
    Clint Tan2 months ago

    what happen if there are some long term affect , are you going to take reponsiblity ? or are you going to say you take the risk for them just becasue you can quote the number at this point, does the number tell you all you need to know ? u assume no other know the answer can you assume you know?if yes why? if no then you know there is no answer even fauci also , he only try to give his advice . not end of decision

  • Clint Tan
    Clint Tan2 months ago

    you have the number correct quote but can you say that the number means you know all about the risk? can you ?

  • Dhmscco W
    Dhmscco W2 months ago

    I feel like 90% of Americans believe exactly what Rand believes yet we keep electing these political hacks who just keep raising the debt and ignoring common sense.

  • Dierry Sow
    Dierry Sow2 months ago

    God Bless Dr Fauci!

  • Bill Bilbo

    Bill Bilbo

    2 months ago

    Too late! Dr. Fauci already works for the devil's agenda!

  • Annie Hawkins
    Annie Hawkins2 months ago

    Tell this to the parents whose children have died from this disease. The world is tired of the restrictions because of this disease. People got tired of the restrictions and problems during WW1 and 2. That didn't stop the wars. This is a pandemic - another form of war and everyone is tired of it. It doesn't make it go away. I challenge you, Mr. Paul - visit every family in your home state who has had a family member die of the coronavirus, especially the parents of the 11 year old boy. When you have done that, then I'll listen to you. My daughter has MS and she was a teacher. She was forced to quit teaching because of her disease before the coronavirus. However, she has no immune system so she wouldn't go into a school full of people now. That's suicide!

  • Brenda Pitcher

    Brenda Pitcher

    2 months ago

    Mistakes were made in proper use of ventilators...lawsuits coming

  • Dhmscco W

    Dhmscco W

    2 months ago

    Annie Hawkins except hardly any kids have died from this at all. In fact the number is so small an accurate stat has not even been released. In early June the CDC found as many children across the world with Covid and the number was less than 600 with only 5 dying. Most who were already extremely weak due to other health factors. On top of this a majority of the kids experienced extremely mild symptoms or none at all. And as Dr. Paul said there have been nearly zero cases of Children transmitting Covid to adults. When are you simply going to accept the stats? The death rate for people under 40 is less than .01%. Really people over 80 are the only ones dying consistently and even their death rates are going down due to better mitigation methods. Oxford said people in IC are now 4 times more likely to live. How much evidence you need? As for your daughter if you are worried by all means tell her to stay home. In fact nobody would think lesser she did. But in terms of all the children not at risk get them back into school. It’s wrong to deprive them of an education when they aren’t in any danger.

  • Anthony Fair
    Anthony Fair2 months ago

    Senator Paul, could I ask that you post sources in show notes? This would help alot in online discussions



    2 months ago


  • Deadwood Drama Queens
    Deadwood Drama Queens2 months ago


  • Deadwood Drama Queens
    Deadwood Drama Queens2 months ago

    Great job, Senator Paul

  • PoWer to the sHeepLe
    PoWer to the sHeepLe2 months ago

    They need to guarantee us parents that the cdc won't be tracking or tracing our kids and that vaccines will not be made mandatory. That is my only fear regarding this whole virus, the CDC and GATES

  • Appleseed
    Appleseed2 months ago

    Thank you, Rand.

  • J G
    J G2 months ago

    Rand Paul is not a physician and knows nothing about the medical world. Yet, he condemns Dr. Fauci about the whole Coronavirus crisis. I would never talk any medical advice from Rand Paul in the Senate.

  • Dhmscco W

    Dhmscco W

    2 months ago

    Um except he is a doctor but you make a good point. Let me ask you the reverse as a doctor what makes Dr. Fauci and expert at policy making? Policy making is about weighing risk. There is risk in everything. If Fauci ran our roads driving would be band because it has as high of a death rate as covid. Risk assessment and immunology are different things.

  • Steven Pham

    Steven Pham

    2 months ago

    Except, even dr Fauci agrees with what he said.

  • heartoworship1


    2 months ago

    Actually he is a Doctor

  • Jennifer Powell
    Jennifer Powell2 months ago

    Thank you Sen Paul for compiling and presenting these Statistical graphs. Fauci's laugh before he speaks is Unprofessional, Disrespectful, Condescending, and plain rude!

  • Gianni Procida
    Gianni Procida2 months ago

    Fauci is just a frontman. Somebody else calls the shot. Senator Paul is a great man

  • eduardo torres
    eduardo torres2 months ago

    Rand just take the red pill, Dr.Fake & many others with him are hungry pigs including others country. They give us so many illusions since late 1800s to the point people are fighting each other.

  • Greg Cravens
    Greg Cravens2 months ago

    You are a dishonest idiot who has his face buried in tRump's behind!

  • J Michael1837
    J Michael18372 months ago

    Rand- your in a leadership role. Weigh what you hear from various sources and drive the cause by leading- don’t pass the buck, deflect, point fingers, look for a silver bullet. Be that elected public servant and LEAD!!

  • Dhmscco W

    Dhmscco W

    2 months ago

    J Michael1837 he is saying what most Americans with common sense wish they could say. It’s infuriating how neither side wants to look at the stats and instead push their own narratives.

  • oberryconnection
    oberryconnection2 months ago


  • Leeroy Jenkins
    Leeroy Jenkins2 months ago

    This boi Rand Paul dumb af

  • Dhmscco W

    Dhmscco W

    2 months ago

    Leeroy Jenkins yeah he’s a doctor and you can’t spell “boy” correctly.