Meanest French Supercar Ever Made | Citroën GT

A massive thank you to Citroen for organising the delivery of the GT in Paris for us to see on the channel! This car was designed originally for the game Gran Turismo back in 2008. It is an electric supercar in the game, but as you’ll see, there are some differences in real life!! Probably the best sounding car I’ve ever come across.
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  • Supercar Blondie
    Supercar Blondie9 months ago

    Is this the best sounding car ever!? Thoughts?

  • Thomas Moore

    Thomas Moore

    5 days ago

    I love the way the car sounds !!!

  • Shiva Vadlakonda

    Shiva Vadlakonda

    Month ago

    Love from INDIA.. I want to buy a supercar, but I have no 💰💰MONEY... 🥺😔😔 @Bupercar Blondie

  • Sleep187


    Month ago

    Sounds awesome but appears to be slow for a "hyper" car title. How did it truly drive? I've watched your material for sometime now and have never heard you dislike much.

  • Chasing Adventures

    Chasing Adventures

    2 months ago

    Wow it is the best sounding car, the Citrone GT looks Stunning, the only reason I think it was not in a production, was due to the recession of 2008 to 2011. The production car would not have the Copper due to it's density instead might have carbon fiber strands to lighten it up. Perhaps a Color screen on the dash, & Steering Wheel. As always great content and Congratulations on your new TV show, had been able to see 2 episodes

  • Saad Shalgheen

    Saad Shalgheen

    3 months ago

    Yes right away l ✔️💯💯💔💔

  • Pax Humana
    Pax Humana9 hours ago

    Supercar Blondie, is it a gasoline powered vehicle in real life and, if so, what are some statistics on the vehicle? Also, is it a full production model vehicle or merely a prototype, as is per usual, from Citroen?

  • Kristian Messenger
    Kristian MessengerDay ago

    Sounds like a knackered generator

  • Lynne Del Quero
    Lynne Del QueroDay ago

    I love this car because of its very beautiful exterior and interior design and awsome great sound.

  • Kurt Arries
    Kurt Arries3 days ago

    I still drive with that car in GT love your vids supercar blondie

  • Eduardo Maynigo
    Eduardo Maynigo3 days ago

    Supercar Blondie Good Day Ma'am Alex Wow speey car 🚗🚗🚗 Amazing Hoooohuy.....

  • famo dllm
    famo dllm5 days ago

    Please advise to bring Citroën GT to production ! Love it !

  • 123Tubie
    123Tubie5 days ago

    whoever driving behind never wants to rear end it

  • reza sepahvand
    reza sepahvand6 days ago

    amazing ...

  • Dennis Fraschetta
    Dennis Fraschetta7 days ago

    What it was hilarious You actually losses Your Hey Mate’ accent. Bonkers So Funny 😂

  • tito mano
    tito mano7 days ago


  • Filippo Costanzo
    Filippo Costanzo9 days ago

    Personally I don't like French car, but in this case Citroen have made an amazing project, with up and down! As the GT's series, this car seem to be coming out from a video game. The design is really unconventional, but inside the sensation is different. Poor interiors and "too plastic". Then the sound..... It's like to ear Cameron Diaz with the voice of Ozzy Osbourne

  • Bang Mon Channel
    Bang Mon Channel9 days ago

    Kpn q bisa punya mobil keren bosku aku sukak bgt mobil istimewa 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • じんたくま
    じんたくま9 days ago


  • 1Bros.
    1Bros.10 days ago


  • Oleh Romanenko
    Oleh Romanenko10 days ago


  • BB Wolf
    BB Wolf10 days ago

    Better supercar than superblondie!

  • NASIKANS Vlogs
    NASIKANS Vlogs10 days ago

    Much noise with less speed.

  • 허현
    허현10 days ago

    good good korea

  • Jerry Bois
    Jerry Bois12 days ago

    Soooooo incredible. Would love to drive it, just once...🙏

  • Elijah Falconer
    Elijah Falconer13 days ago

    My Papa would 100% have that over a Bugatti.

  • The Anime Libarian
    The Anime Libarian15 days ago

    I remember this good times

  • Douglas Rock
    Douglas Rock15 days ago

    I pray that they bring this Citron GT to the street it would fit right in with all the supercars we have now and add something to the mix would also like to see several bigger V8 versions and V10 and v12 whole family of the Citroen GPS for Street and racing it's gorgeous and futuristic let's see this thing bought to the street and also over to North America that kind of reminds me of the vector that they used to make which was powered by a 425 olds engine with a dry sump oil system

  • nasser ALR
    nasser ALR16 days ago


  • Tomy Bracht
    Tomy Bracht16 days ago

    It's seem like a lot to the ps5 in deed. Is funny to be inspired on the ps3.


    yes it is

  • Ninja Atech
    Ninja Atech17 days ago

    Looking so hot!!

  • # JOKER
    # JOKER18 days ago

    Car with helicopter sound😍😝

    PALAYILABRAHAM Binoy19 days ago


  • Yefferson Daney E.S
    Yefferson Daney E.S19 days ago

    and have in count what you not carry the kay to the suich come to my what i give (°)

  • Yefferson Daney E.S
    Yefferson Daney E.S19 days ago

    . tu puede tomar un vuelo y subir la o el automobil que deses obsequiarme que no sea una mujer la pero que tenga vagina quien traiga por entendido que no sea un letrero pon todo ubre . cuatro ruedas . chasis . motor. fronos .ilimit oil . y un pigmeto de tierra que ea bien llevado hast con marca.

  • TOcj Vgh
    TOcj Vgh19 days ago

    Wow the amazing super kar

  • David Fedyk
    David Fedyk19 days ago

    Wow ,thank you for showing us this car.

    EXHASUT SHOT20 days ago

    If you like comment,this car is gonna be in your garage for 15 minutes

  • Kenneth Tanyag
    Kenneth Tanyag20 days ago

    Beautiful Paris ❤️ 🇵🇭

  • Angelito Larongco
    Angelito Larongco20 days ago

    Entry Done Philippines Reason: I wanna give this to my daugher I don't have money to buy her a new phone, I wanna give her a phone as a christmast gift but sadly I couldn't afford it... Also she need this for her online class.... I hope that i would get notice and get picked

  • Piyush Pal
    Piyush Pal20 days ago

    I love your videos to

  • Prabhath Saalaka
    Prabhath Saalaka21 day ago

    It looks super cool 🏁🔥🏎

  • carly booth
    carly booth21 day ago

    I would love for citroen gt to make this car

  • carly booth
    carly booth21 day ago

    I like the citroen gt it looks fabulous i would love to drive it

  • Marcelo Reyes
    Marcelo Reyes21 day ago

    Watching from philippines. Im always happy and enjoying watching youre videos super car blondie

    AJAY KUMAR21 day ago


  • Enoch Nsiah-Boateng
    Enoch Nsiah-Boateng21 day ago

    My father had a Citroen Xantia and that car just broke down and stopped working. Only cool thing was the adjustable hydraulic suspension system. This car is far from that but the Citroen brand is just dead in my mind... LOL

  • Dolar S
    Dolar S22 days ago

    Что за такой маленький самолёт 😒

  • Замир
    Замир23 days ago

    I've never seen such a review about Citroen gt before. Thank you, honey, but I like you best😊👍💪🏻

  • King Dede i nol
    King Dede i nol23 days ago

    My buy My buy My buy My buy My buy My buy

  • Claus Vasquez
    Claus Vasquez24 days ago

    Love You lucy

  • Claus Vasquez
    Claus Vasquez24 days ago

    Está hermoso este auto love You lucy

  • 蒼海藤沢
    蒼海藤沢24 days ago

    Citroen's megabucks car!

  • Rush Fit
    Rush Fit24 days ago

    love from nepal

  • MMO Archives
    MMO Archives25 days ago

    ah, it's a V8, explains why it sounds so horrible, i really do hate V8s, should've found a way to go V12

  • Adrian Jude
    Adrian Jude25 days ago

    I thought I wanted a Veneno... now I want a Citroen GT!

  • sujal ghimire
    sujal ghimire25 days ago

    wow i like that interior and desine !!!!!

  • Deco Hub
    Deco Hub28 days ago

    The car sound is like shit 😀

  • Zulqarnain Khan
    Zulqarnain Khan28 days ago


  • Aj R
    Aj RMonth ago

    It needs a tune-up. It’s too loud the spark plugs are worn out 😂😂

  • Hans Prade
    Hans PradeMonth ago


    TUTTUTMonth ago

    Waow i like design this car √

  • dvxl
    dvxlMonth ago

    The car sounds like a freaking tractor

  • Tech 98
    Tech 98Month ago

    Hmmm it looks like a good beginner friendly car.

  • Fabian Salaverry
    Fabian SalaverryMonth ago

    Love it

  • Nestor Palacios
    Nestor PalaciosMonth ago

    Bugatti will be sending a sieze and desist letter

  • padaku47
    padaku47Month ago

    Cest un son de merde , biensur pour la ville ou campagne , cest une voiture tu la conduis 20 km par an ...mdr

  • Robin
    Robin ago

    Thé French power

  • AlluringAzura 【・ヘ・?】
    AlluringAzura 【・ヘ・?】Month ago

    that door squeeak was amazing

  • David Israel
    David IsraelMonth ago

    If they will paint it to a satin grey then it can be the next batmobile

  • Si Macmanus
    Si MacmanusMonth ago

    Talking of automotive greats that missed the boat, SCB you need to have a word with Holden and work on them to put the Efijy into production too, have a look at this

  • Si Macmanus
    Si MacmanusMonth ago

    Citroen missed out on a MAHOOSIVE chance when they chose not to make this car. I can see this parking up in Dubai next to a Chiron and a Spyker tomorrow. Please Please Please Citroen reconsider making this?

  • A Friendly Seal pup
    A Friendly Seal pupMonth ago

    Sounds like one of those green Tempos without a silencer

  • Edgar Ejapon
    Edgar EjaponMonth ago

    Very nice car i love it.

  • carlos H Lopez
    carlos H LopezMonth ago

    Help yeah

  • Criz Frivaldo
    Criz FrivaldoMonth ago


  • Girish
    GirishMonth ago

    Hey, I was hooked to this Citroen gt in this video only after the doors opened. The car interiors are very rustic when compared to the latest. Irony was I did not pay attention to the car model and initially assumed it for a recent model. Thanks.

  • Parni&pini HEYDARY
    Parni&pini HEYDARYMonth ago

    Lanati sexy 😍❤❤

    CG STARMonth ago

  • Lord Baccus
    Lord BaccusMonth ago

    This can is WAY better looking than the BatMan movie car

  • I Made Partha Wisada Yoga
    I Made Partha Wisada YogaMonth ago

    It sounds like raging Bahamut

  • Lawrence Shu
    Lawrence ShuMonth ago

    they could really make it into a limited edition, like 15 worldwide. I'm very sure, oh SURE, that it will be sold with a snap of the finger.

  • Jose Galdos
    Jose GaldosMonth ago

    Too much noise not for a new car

  • D Lamb
    D LambMonth ago

    I personally prefer the 2cv

  • Geoffrey D
    Geoffrey DMonth ago

    Unfortunatly when people thinks about french cars, they immediatly think Renault but they forget about Bugatti and Citroën...

  • Deepnil Vasava
    Deepnil VasavaMonth ago

    the grandson of mustang

  • MrZee2014
    MrZee2014Month ago

    Best car engine sound ever 👌

  • 10k subscribers Without VIDEOS
    10k subscribers Without VIDEOSMonth ago

    *Literally* to the 1% who’s reading this, God bless you, stay safe and have a *wonderful day*

  • 10k subscribers Without VIDEOS
    10k subscribers Without VIDEOSMonth ago

    “Only one person who likes this, one day will be a billionaire” *Good Luck☘️*

  • Aadithya Mohan

    Aadithya Mohan

    20 days ago


  • MrZee2014


    Month ago

    Thank you

  • John Kenevl
    John KenevlMonth ago

    Блонди, скажи спасибо Мужику в Аляске серой.Он наверное поседел даже в паху.!

  • John Kenevl
    John KenevlMonth ago

    красавица, и Машина!

  • Nitesh Sawle
    Nitesh SawleMonth ago

    Fantastic and luxury car

  • Nitesh Sawle
    Nitesh SawleMonth ago

    Hiii blondie

  • Adorable Wildlife
    Adorable WildlifeMonth ago

    Wow!! wonderful car that I fall in love

  • theprofessional guy
    theprofessional guyMonth ago

    Though she said got AC ...but i see no AC vents not can u open the windows

  • Ivan Sicario
    Ivan SicarioMonth ago

    Wow 😳 that machine is spectacular!!! I can hear that thing all the way here in the U.S. 😂

  • gyebarnah Barnah
    gyebarnah BarnahMonth ago

    this car is as beautiful as a French language its self......

  • Brian Stafford
    Brian StaffordMonth ago

    Car is a joke to be honest! And this woman is annoying and doesn't know shit about cars. Using noices for no words of expression. Wow shes trying to be so elegant and professional.

  • ThrlxX
    ThrlxXMonth ago

    Looks too much like a bugatti

  • cooly
    coolyMonth ago

    is it car or plane engine. Strange noise !

  • Christopher Beau
    Christopher BeauMonth ago

    So many concept cars never make it to sad :-/

  • We're One
    We're OneMonth ago

    Ugly & noisy car

  • Jeff Mullinix
    Jeff MullinixMonth ago

    I have read some of the comments and before I was reading . I was thinking that this engine sounded a lot like a ford 5.0 . To my surprise it is . Ford engine has always had a powerful sound to them even the 260 V8 .

  • Rojo Mjape
    Rojo MjapeMonth ago

    supercar blondie is very nice one