Classic Car | 1982 Citroën 2CV |


  • superdetartrant
    superdetartrant21 day ago

    From 0 to 100 in ten minutes, but with style.

  • NeXus Boba
    NeXus BobaMonth ago

    I'm still watching this cuz my dad has one lol

  • Rick Wyk
    Rick Wyk2 months ago

    Are snowy winters too much for this car?


    2 months ago

    Not a car you'd drive in the winter months!

  • Roger Kincaid
    Roger Kincaid2 months ago

    Looks very similar to the one Dupond and Dupond drove.

  • Q Tig
    Q Tig3 months ago

    When I was little we vactioned in France once in the early 80s and took a cab to Paris. The cab was a 2CV with the cabbie, my parents, and us two kids in it. The cabbie was a Parisien and it was late on a Friday and he apparently couldnt stand being out in the "rest" of France instead of in Paris. So he was driving like a madman. I still remember the odd smell of the uncatalytic converter engine, how it leaned almost over in turns, how the thing sounded like a lawn mower, and him passing on blind hills doing what seemed like 60mph with my dad in the front seat grabbing an OS handle.Well we came up behind a slow gravel truck and on a bump it dropped a load of gravel and completely shattered the front glass. We pulled over. The cabbie broke out the rest of the glass, found us all some sunglasses and away we went! BTW I think 2CV is pronounced "DEAU-schwoe" and Citroen is pronounced "SEE-tro-en"

  • D Spécial
    D Spécial3 months ago

    Really nicely shot and produced video. Hi 5!

  • hjb Burkhalter
    hjb Burkhalter3 months ago

    the best carr iam love the good nice carr my dream carr

  • citroen xm 222
    citroen xm 2224 months ago

    great car, congratulations :)

  • Christian Schneider
    Christian Schneider4 months ago

    Great! All true. I had two. Be aware, they rust and litteraly fall apart: Don't drive it in Winter on salted roads! Be careful with unleaded fuel.

  • jaybarber68
    jaybarber685 months ago

    Huh! I thought my 67 Volkswagen Beetle was quirky, I bet the early ones were even stranger to a Yank like me!

  • girlstorm09
    girlstorm095 months ago

    i love this car,as well as Fiat Topolino 500 roadsters from the 30s,Fiat Vignale/Gamine Vignale roadsters, and American Bantams from the 30s too. pretty much any car that resembles a real life Noddy/Mickey Mouse/Toontown Car!! you know those old cartoons roadsters classic Disney,Looney Tunes,etc characters drove. i often nick name this style of mini cartoon looking roadster a "Noddy Car" 😊i dont drive though but I have a small toy collection of "Noddy cars". including an actual Noddy car,two classic Mickey Mouse Roadsters,a old Miss Piggy Mcdonalds happy meal pink roaster car,a multi-colored plastic friction powered clown car type cartoon roadster I found at i think Target,and a Benny the Cab from Roger Rabbit happy meal toy. maybe thats why these cars make people happy it reminds them of classic cartoons and childhood!

  • ctydecks
    ctydecks6 months ago

    Same colour I had as an 18 year old. Going to the Disco with 8 friends in it. But in winter you couldn't close the role top cover, as it shrank, once the sun went down. Best of it, you could crank it over by hand if the battery was flat. Nice memories of my first car.

  • Trev S
    Trev S7 months ago

    I took one from Essex in UK to Morocco then back via Milan & the Black Forest - 11 countries 2 continents and never missed a beat

  • Darren Wilson
    Darren Wilson8 months ago

    Mate - I had a 2cv and a Dyane - brilliant cars loved them both to bits but it has to be said the R4 ( sadly I never had one ) lived longer and sold twice as many so is surely the French peoples car?

  • Nicolas Genès

    Nicolas Genès

    2 months ago

    Not really, actually: R4 lasted from 1961 to 1992, vs 1948 to 1990 for 2CV. And the 2CV had been designed mostly before WW2! The more modern design of the R4 and the fact that Renault was a larger car manufacturer (State-owned) allowed it to be sold broader (up to South America), thus a total of 8m cars produced ww vs 5m for the 2CV. But I believe the number of cars sold in France was probably higher for the 2CV.

  • pptom812
    pptom8129 months ago


  • john michael Knight
    john michael Knight10 months ago

    Great ! Good choice , I have had one for about 25 years and we are together for life 👍

  • Alex Gorski
    Alex Gorski11 months ago

    The antidote to the modern boring useless gadget laden wimpmobiles

  • Jane Catlow
    Jane CatlowYear ago

    I LOVE these cars! When I was at school, one of our teachers had one.....Marvellous cars, they ALWAYS look so neat and compact.......My only regret is that I've never owned one.

  • Victor Singh
    Victor SinghYear ago

    good video I want to buy one!

  • KlingonCaptain
    KlingonCaptainYear ago

    I want one so bad!

  • Velo solex
    Velo solexYear ago

    This is how we do it in NYC:

  • Richard Schrantz
    Richard SchrantzYear ago

    Deudeuche,coccinelle mythic car's in Europe!

  • Balthasar Gerards
    Balthasar GerardsYear ago

    So nice and that in Canada! Car for your whole life!

  • Desmond Bagley
    Desmond BagleyYear ago

    .........1960 as a toddler is the last time I rode in a 2cv , I may see one every ten years in Australia.

  • Jonathan Mellish
    Jonathan MellishYear ago

    I drove one for years although my workmates thought it was ridiculous. Alas it rusted beneath me and the accelerator pulled out of the floor after 100,000 miles. I would love to have another or perhaps an Ami.


    Esse carro é magnífico!

  • Jeroen Jansen
    Jeroen JansenYear ago

    I wish Citroën would bring it back in essence.

  • Steve Marroquin
    Steve MarroquinYear ago

    Watch Snoopy drive it in Bon Voyage Charlie Brown

  • Paul B
    Paul BYear ago

    A charming, concise profile of the car, your love for it and your life with it!


    Year ago

    Thanks for watching!

  • Rajasekar Rajasekar
    Rajasekar RajasekarYear ago

    Nice car

  • twistedyogert
    twistedyogertYear ago

    Simplicity, that's what I like about this. No complex electronics or crazy bells and whistles, just four wheels, a transmission, and an engine. Wish they would remake it today, perhaps include an electric variant.

  • The tourettes Gamer

    The tourettes Gamer

    Year ago

    Or maybe one with it hard top

  • analyste
    analysteYear ago

    The 2cv is a old car, discontinued size 1990, but close all parts are available new today (not by Citroën, but only by Citroën specialists like for example the "mehari club de cassis" ) , most the parts are made in France,Belgium, Holland or Germany, inclusive brand new chassis (galvanized steel), or body parts...



    Year ago

    You can literally buy anything for them brand new. It's great

  • Loulou Fildezinc
    Loulou FildezincYear ago

    Hello, Your Deudeuche looks very well and have the real great sound (gear box, motor, exhaust) of an healthy 2CV.

  • Josef Herbinger
    Josef HerbingerYear ago

    I had a 1977 2CV4 in Germany. My first car, bought it brand new. This video brings back great memories. I don’t think there’s an other car in the world with which you can have as much fun as with what we call back home Ente ( Duck)!

  • robert kelly
    robert kellyYear ago

    Wonderful, I’m most envious.

  • Diego Urriolabeytia Campos
    Diego Urriolabeytia CamposYear ago

    Que belleza lovely colour

  • DPP Official
    DPP OfficialYear ago

    My Dad had a 2cv when he studyed too!

  • Peter Swinkels
    Peter SwinkelsYear ago

    Nice car.

  • Michael Phillips
    Michael PhillipsYear ago

    It's a cool car. Sorry that this car isn't seen more like it used to be.

  • P W
    P WYear ago

    Nice for the back roads.. love all the older citroens. Always great ride and great fun.Had a lot of fun with a gs back in the day. 1100cc but still good for over 90 which we could happily do back in the 80s

  • A L L M I I
    A L L M I IYear ago


  • Mac Tek
    Mac Tek2 years ago

    It's a death trap.

  • Benjamin CHARLIN

    Benjamin CHARLIN

    Year ago

    Not really, the car is very slow the body take gladly any damage, and the suspension is so smooth you can literally take a 180° turn at maximum speed and the car will not roll Edit: also the car already have brakes disc in 1948 so very good stopping power

  • jigrodrigues
    jigrodrigues2 years ago

    Best car ever.

  • juan gomez
    juan gomez2 years ago

    In a race around the world a Citroen 2CV can beat a Telsa because, unlike the Telsa, the Citroen never breaks. Ever.

  • 2cv around the world
    2cv around the world2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing

  • doro zar
    doro zar2 years ago

    awsome car. thanks for sharing. Nicely done.

  • RichieT5
    RichieT52 years ago

    Great car, excellent video

  • Tom G
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  • Eric George
    Eric George2 years ago

    Absolutely awful, laughable Hen House on wheels.

  • Roland Harmer

    Roland Harmer

    Year ago

    It could carry a basket of eggs across a plowed field! A really elegant piece of design from a period when fuel and materials were in very short supply.

  • 藤野奨平
    藤野奨平3 years ago


  • Saab Railfan
    Saab Railfan3 years ago

    I like that car since i buy one Schuco H0 1 87 scale model of car, your video learned me about that car. Finally some review. Thanks for uploading this.

  • yankee2 yankee
    yankee2 yankee3 years ago

    Good job! I've been thinking about getting one of these for some time. They remind me of my similarly eccentric, low-powered, 4-speed on-the-column, 3-cylinder stroker Saabs. My '64 even had a similar fabric roof. Thanks for the ride!

  • robinaxeman
    robinaxeman3 years ago

    Great cars.I carried a 12 foot ladder in mine.Great suspension.

  • Albert Odillon
    Albert Odillon3 years ago

    A 2CV in Canada is not a common car in North America but a 2 cv is an economic car

  • John Cran
    John Cran3 years ago

    I have a 1984 2cv6 maroon & black in NZ. I agree hard to part with.

  • Marten Trudeau
    Marten Trudeau3 years ago

    True classic, thank for sharing this video. I wish I had one.

  • Imad Imado

    Imad Imado

    3 months ago

    Me too i wish...

  • Jacques Edu
    Jacques Edu3 years ago

    En français please.


    3 years ago


  • Olivier Bresmal
    Olivier Bresmal3 years ago

    Awesome car. After each winter, I am so happy to drive my 2CV once a week too on Ontario roads.

  • Pardid 02
    Pardid 023 years ago

    so nice, so beautyfull, so louis de Funes

  • Bushcraft North of 60
    Bushcraft North of 603 years ago

    Nice car. How hard is it to find one or bring one here to Canada? Thanks.

  • Hemiac Plurge

    Hemiac Plurge

    3 years ago

    What is the best way to sneak one into the states? I'm thinking hot air balloon, Montgolfier-style.


    3 years ago

    There are always a few for sale. Don't bother importing one yourself, its to much hassle when there are plenty of 2CV's here already! Thanks for watching.

  • Roddy Walker
    Roddy Walker3 years ago

    Nice car. The only new car I ever bought was a 2CV in 1980. I still remember it fondly. Brilliant handling, smooth ride slick gear change a joy to drive.

  • Olivier Bresmal
    Olivier Bresmal3 years ago

    Exactly like him. I live now in Ontario and my 2CV is my "best friend". Amazing car!

  • Moutinho Georges
    Moutinho Georges3 years ago

    Can you tell me what color is ? It's Blue Azurite ? What reference color is ? Thanks for your informations and goog journey.

  • martin martin
    martin martin4 years ago

    where is this airpins road ? surprenant pour l'ontario

  • martin martin

    martin martin

    3 years ago

    ok merci


    3 years ago

    That's Forks of the Credit

  • Alfie
    Alfie4 years ago

    The 2cv was my first car as well, but only 2 and a half years ago. Still have it as my car at uni, I love it to bits!

  • Ced B
    Ced B4 years ago

    interesting gent. a 2cv is fun to drive in cities

  • analyste


    Year ago

    the 2cv is not realy a city car: was designed for countryside roads and paths, the engine did a bit overheat in city and did not last long time in such conditions ...

  • Mickey
    Mickey4 years ago


  • John Grytbakk
    John Grytbakk4 years ago

    Lovely car. ....makes you smile.