Citroen C5 Aircross | First drive | OVERDRIVE

French brand Citroen will debut in India by September 2020 with the C5 Aircross SUV. It will be rivaling the likes of the Honda CR-V & VW Tiguan. Rohit found himself in France behind the wheel of the C5 Aircross and he's mighty impressed. Watch the video to know why.
Citroen C5 Aircross First Drive Review
2020 Citroen C5 Aircross details: Specs, Features
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    OVERDRIVE6 months ago

    Read the Citroen C5 Aircross First Drive Review 2020 Citroen C5 Aircross details: Specs, Features

  • Sheng Design
    Sheng DesignMonth ago

    I love tata harrier who is with me 👍

  • รђєгɭเภ ꜱ
    รђєгɭเภ ꜱMonth ago

    Bro...How much this varient...

    C.HARISH RAJU2 months ago

    News for Hyderabad residents.. Citroen showroom coming up on road no 12 Banjara Hills adjacent to the Honda Cars showroom.. “Pride Motors” appointed as dealers..Yes the same guys who currently are also dealers for Honda,Jeep,Fiat,Land Rover and Jaguar..

  • Sheng Design
    Sheng Design2 months ago

    Rare style terrible

  • jarnail singh
    jarnail singh3 months ago

    India me kb launch hogi

  • Prabakar Balan
    Prabakar Balan3 months ago

    This tiny car is gona compete with full size suvs like crv n tiguan?? if yes then it might be a flop Ideally it shud compete with compass, seltos, hector pricing

  • Deepak Deval
    Deepak Deval3 months ago

    Not even half of those features will make it to the Indian version.

  • ashwin siddarth
    ashwin siddarth3 months ago

    The car looks big fr outside but there is no enough legspace in the back which is one of the biggest drawback lot of car have failed in indai lack of leg space in the back

  • ram padavala
    ram padavala3 months ago

    It looks like duster of the future. Duster after 10 years of facelifts would like this

    NAVIN B PALATHINGAL3 months ago

    I hate touch ac controls intergetaed into music system...and those orange all superb

  • Prime Player
    Prime Player3 months ago

    Front looks like big kwid.

  • Dr Vikram R Wagh Pune Plastic surgery channel
    Dr Vikram R Wagh Pune Plastic surgery channel3 months ago

    Definitely my next car if placed in 25 to 30L bracket

  • Mohsin Ahamad
    Mohsin Ahamad3 months ago


  • Yogesh Jain
    Yogesh Jain4 months ago

    Lovely car, if price under 20 lakh then this will my next car.

  • Deepom jyoti Pegu
    Deepom jyoti Pegu4 months ago

    Price in india

  • endangered species

    endangered species

    3 months ago

    25-30 lakhs

  • Deepak Nair
    Deepak Nair5 months ago

    I hope they bring it fully loaded without skimping features. Especially ventilated seats and the 180 degree camera and memory seats etc.

  • vasim naikwadi
    vasim naikwadi6 months ago

    Following overdrive just because of this man🙂🤟

  • Sameer Berry
    Sameer Berry7 months ago

    For the 1st car in India market, citron should introduce the car with all the features just like Jeep did with compass.

    JJV MEDIA7 months ago

    Is Peugeot coming to India

    JJV MEDIA7 months ago

    Company should bring the c3

  • monish thomasp. Puthenpurackal
    monish thomasp. Puthenpurackal8 months ago

    Best looking Citreon ever...

  • ashwin siddarth
    ashwin siddarth8 months ago

    Very diffrent fr all indian cars very good technology looks great but leg space fr the back passengers are very less u can take a little more space fr the boot and increase the leg space others wise it will be a failure in india premium vehicles have failed because of lack of leg space in the back

  • Aditya Gaming
    Aditya Gaming9 months ago

    Hey I am also paradkar

  • Robin Jamoh
    Robin Jamoh11 months ago

    Front wheel drive SUV wtf

  • myungskywalker
    myungskywalker11 months ago

    Whats with the obnoxious unnecessary dubstep? Can you atleast try to make this sober? The host is ok. The format is fine. Atleast let us hear what he's saying. Dumbass producers.

  • Jagroop Singh
    Jagroop SinghYear ago

    What will be price in India

  • Sahil Khan
    Sahil KhanYear ago

    Launch date

  • Jeszy Andrew
    Jeszy AndrewYear ago

    Idiot!!! doesn't know to get home screen..😂😂😂

  • Mohd. Fahd
    Mohd. FahdYear ago

    Why would anyone in India complain about a 1.6l engine? Half of hyundai cars have that and more than half of all Indian cars on the road have less capacity than that.

  • YC!
    YC!Year ago

    Watching After Fiat's Merger with Peugeot

  • Ajinkya Pandit
    Ajinkya PanditYear ago

    I loved this car❤️. It's looks quite funky which I like. Also the rear seating in something never seen before. I don't know what the prices will be. It's size and footprint suggest it will fall mi 35+L category but there are many who say it'll go against jeep compass, hector and everybody else. Well I expect the latter to be true. Citroen if removes the lane assist and adaptive cruise(no use of these features in India) and also the auto braking system, and with clever marketing, this might turn to be cheaper and thus more attractive.

  • Pravin Naidu
    Pravin NaiduYear ago

    If it launches in India, it would get the car of year award

  • Afzal Md
    Afzal MdYear ago

    40 lakh starting .. I'm guessing

  • Jatin justa

    Jatin justa

    4 months ago

    Godfather Pathania 25

  • Godfather Pathania

    Godfather Pathania

    11 months ago

    Afzal Md 16 lakh

  • Deepak Nair
    Deepak NairYear ago

    Did the gear stalk move on its own ?

  • vinod
    vinodYear ago


  • Raj Varghese
    Raj VargheseYear ago

    What a precise review or insite I must say ..

  • Sreejith S H
    Sreejith S HYear ago

    Expecting an electric one

  • Coolerbeer
    CoolerbeerYear ago

    French cars suck

  • Sheel Priye
    Sheel PriyeYear ago

    No AWD or 4WD, sigh :-(

    MOTOR VENTYear ago

    Nice review

  • Aby Mathew
    Aby MathewYear ago

    We dont interested in horsepower figures... all we need is torque...2litter turbo diesel seems pretty good with 400nm

  • krishna teja

    krishna teja

    Year ago

    Aby Mathew its 1.6 turbo diesel with 250nm

  • Chandan Sharma
    Chandan SharmaYear ago

    Wasted 4 min 13 sec...

  • krishna kumar
    krishna kumarYear ago

    Aisin makes some of the best automatic transmissions

  • soummyodeep sengupta
    soummyodeep senguptaYear ago

    Will wait to see what all features they provide & at what price point. From quality prospective I m sure, Indian version will not be as good as European standards. Interesting to see how aggressively they launch.

  • Mahesh Murali

    Mahesh Murali

    Year ago

    It will be same Peugeot ceo confirmed it on one of her interviews.

  • ravikant reddy
    ravikant reddyYear ago

    Wow! What a looker! Not curvy, not ruler straight lines. Perfect blend of curves and straight lines. And that huge panoramic sunroof? Only under 20 lakh car in India which has this big a sunroof is MG Hector . And, this would be second offering.

  • Afzal Md

    Afzal Md

    Year ago

    This is gonna rival skoda kodiaq 35 lakh price range

  • Santhosh Kumar
    Santhosh KumarYear ago

    Very nice design. Looks very premium.

  • Sandeep kumar singh
    Sandeep kumar singhYear ago

    I don't understand..why do they review a European version when you are not going to get that in your country..please don't make video just for the sake of making it...

  • Michael Merten
    Michael MertenYear ago

    Nice review. Neutral and factual. Like how a professional review should be.

  • Ajay Sangwan
    Ajay SangwanYear ago

    dead on arrival 35lac for so small suv

  • Centrist


    3 months ago

    @Sanjoy Kumar Mitra Nah, its going to be produced in India. It won't go that high. Its not exactly a premium segment car but lets see

  • Sanjoy Kumar Mitra

    Sanjoy Kumar Mitra

    3 months ago

    @Centrist i think they gonna launch at 28 lakh or something

  • Sanjoy Kumar Mitra

    Sanjoy Kumar Mitra

    3 months ago

    @Centrist this is not a mid segment car this is a upper tier premium segment car . Its next rival is x1 q2 and gla It's bridging the gap between hyundai Tuscan or skoda karooq to x1 gla etc

  • Centrist


    3 months ago

    @Sanjoy Kumar Mitra Jeep was priced aggressively and an excellent machine. If they launch C5 at 18 or 20, its a go go.

  • Sanjoy Kumar Mitra

    Sanjoy Kumar Mitra

    6 months ago

    Jeep didn't die

  • buldhana
    buldhanaYear ago

    Typical Indian driver ignoring road signs! 😂😂

  • Sibi Ismail
    Sibi IsmailYear ago

    So they designed a shoe basically

  • jaganath mahi
    jaganath mahiYear ago

    Kia telluride review please....

  • Chandan Modi
    Chandan ModiYear ago

    I am sure, all the so called "Cusioning technologies" will fail in Indian roads...

  • Namith L

    Namith L

    8 days ago

    @Centrist I live in Bangalore, Karnataka I've never seen a bad road in a long time. Unless there's no construction of metro or pipelines

  • Siddhant Das

    Siddhant Das

    2 months ago

    Right bro

  • Centrist


    3 months ago

    @Piyush pr It depends. Some new emerging states like MP and Odisha (i have personally driven across) have flawless state and national highways. Infact Karnataka has outstanding roads whereas roads in Maharashtra & UP (state with longest coverage of Highways) has deteriorated since then.

  • Piyush pr

    Piyush pr

    3 months ago

    @Deepak sharma nice joke

  • gsridhara babu

    gsridhara babu

    7 months ago

    when citroen will be launched in india

  • Elvis Pink
    Elvis PinkYear ago

    Hello Rohit and OD team appreciate your efforts for the time taken to review the car I wish all your reviews are in depth like these though the same Euro spec might not make it to India hope this brand doesn't make same mistakes of Renault of supplying India with below par quality. Hope they keep their best foot forward. By the nice views of France thanks.👍

    AJMAL SIRAJYear ago

    Pls upload the 10 years of fortuner video Fast!!!!!

  • Ankur Mahal
    Ankur MahalYear ago

    India didn’t get this type of quality in any car ...India got bad quality in every car or every product ...not alloy not seats ...not even kerb weight ...wait for 2020 ...we all are here ...n last service quality disappointment ...

  • Sukant Chakraborty
    Sukant ChakrabortyYear ago

    Well technically, Renault duster is actually made by dacia which is Romanian not French

  • The Fat Biker

    The Fat Biker

    Year ago

    Sukant Chakraborty That’s why I said, “Arguably French”

  • Harish Goud
    Harish GoudYear ago

    You are slowly becoming Jeremy Clarkson to me.. PPPPPPP

  • Rahul Ajith
    Rahul AjithYear ago

    I remember watching Jeremy Clarkson's review of this.

  • Puneeth Shetty

    Puneeth Shetty

    Year ago

    @Rahul Ajith then it should be taken as a joke. 😉

  • Rahul Ajith

    Rahul Ajith

    Year ago

    @Puneeth Shetty he did it as a joke so

  • Puneeth Shetty

    Puneeth Shetty

    Year ago

    @Rahul Ajith I'd call it burning some rubber and clutch than towing a ship.

  • Rahul Ajith

    Rahul Ajith

    Year ago

    @Puneeth Shetty if this is any better, we know that it can go faster than itself, chase a De Tomaso Pantera, go off road with electronics and tow a big ship 😂

  • Puneeth Shetty

    Puneeth Shetty

    Year ago

    That was a C3 Aircross

  • Rajiv J
    Rajiv JYear ago

    Useless video. Let me explain why. This car is going to be heavily modified when it starts production in India. So please use your time to make other useful videos

  • Shashwat Panda
    Shashwat PandaYear ago

    Those "air bumps" with the orange accents look like chicken pox ..

  • Karma


    6 months ago

    Shashwat Panda you can get it in black and other colours . Gun metal


    Citroen should bring a EV version of this SUV so that EV choices will be more along with KONA electric in India

  • Mohd. Fahd

    Mohd. Fahd

    Year ago

    That would be a bad move. The EVs currently are out of the price range of what the ordinary consumer can buy, the upcoming MG eZS will be as well. So launch a new company in a tier which wont have many takers is not a good strategy.

  • timone1423


    Year ago

    I personally feel electric vehicles are bullshit! Its all a game govt and companies are playing..govt will not allow diesel or petrol to go out of market..cos thats a loss for all politicians..and electric vehicles brings lottss of benefits to manufacturers.. why do u think companies dont make solar powered cars or cars running on water! Cos the bastards are concerned abt profit!

  • aravindp21


    Year ago

    Ev is waste unless u have convineint charging stations the government is not at all interested in addressing that issue

  • Major Spam
    Major SpamYear ago

    This car has 23cm of groundclearance, this is only topped by dedicated offroaders like the Wrangler. It also smoked the Rav4 in the moosetest even without AWD.

  • Ashish Vedak
    Ashish VedakYear ago

    Kool looking car... Suitable for India..No AWD is only concern...but interiors are also good...I like it.

  • Rahul Ajith

    Rahul Ajith

    Year ago

    Watch Jeremy Clarkson's offroad review of the C3. Its electronics are quite useful in making it go off road even with FWD.

  • longing along raw A.K.Danish
    longing along raw A.K.DanishYear ago

    After listening to no AWD and no diesel engine I have to switch off this video .. Anyways car looks nice

  • Aditya Karandikar

    Aditya Karandikar

    Year ago

    longing along raw A.K.Danish the diesel will make its way to India ofcourse. The 1.5 most probably but I'd be more than happy if they get the 2.0 diesel.

  • Rajesh Mali
    Rajesh MaliYear ago

    Good looking ❤️

  • shashank shiva
    shashank shivaYear ago

    Jeremy Clarkson took it to the mideval Italy to swiss border on that

  • Puneeth Shetty

    Puneeth Shetty

    Year ago

    @shashank shiva this is a much bigger car. C3 is as big a hatchback. Not the same.

  • shashank shiva

    shashank shiva

    Year ago

    @Puneeth Shetty correct,but it looks the same and has the same platform even the same ESP system.

  • shashank shiva

    shashank shiva

    Year ago

    @Sukant Chakraborty well i did not ask for your judgement you fucking troll

  • pandey vishal

    pandey vishal

    Year ago

    @Sukant Chakraborty puss move

  • Puneeth Shetty

    Puneeth Shetty

    Year ago

    That's a C3 Aircross. A much smaller car.

  • Hair stuff
    Hair stuffYear ago

    Hey bitch drive it in Mumbai or up or after monsoon road conditions #paidreview.... Then we talk about riding quality

  • Jiji VS
    Jiji VSYear ago

    Many if the video parts looks to be taken manufacturer's collaterals. We expect more genuine stuff from you guys.

  • The Fat Biker

    The Fat Biker

    Year ago

    Jiji VS I agree. Unfortunately we didn’t have the luxury of a cameraman on this review and the weather didn’t quite agree with us. But I hope the manufacturer’s footage did help you understand and visualise the thoughts we wanted to convey.


    Sir you didn't talk about under thigh support .

  • The Fat Biker

    The Fat Biker

    Year ago

    ASHWANI KUMAR under-thigh support is pretty good in the front and the rear. In the middle seat though, an adult sized person will have to sit in a bit of a knees up position though, and that will compromise their under-thigh support by a bit.

  • Dheeraj Singh
    Dheeraj SinghYear ago

    Love the car design 🤩. What will be expected price when launch in India ?

  • yashvardhan Sharma

    yashvardhan Sharma

    3 months ago

    Admin Me hope so i think it wud lie between 18-23lakhs ex showroom

  • Mayur Ghatol

    Mayur Ghatol

    7 months ago

    @Admin Me nobody uses 4wd in India. Neither people take expensive SUV's offroading. And it's something new something fresh I would gladly pay 30 lakhs for its rich pedigree and history in the automotive industry.

  • Sridhar Prasad

    Sridhar Prasad

    7 months ago

    yashvardhan Sharma if that’s the case, then it’s failure at launch. Also another French car maker Renault is not doing that great in India.

  • Admin Me

    Admin Me

    Year ago

    @yashvardhan Sharma yet to ...but I suppose that it wouldn't launch it's debut vehicle with such a huge price tag in the Indian market ... And overall there is nothing class leading or first in it's class features to carry the price tag more than 20L. Not even a 4WD option.... !

  • yashvardhan Sharma

    yashvardhan Sharma

    Year ago

    Admin Me read smewhere it wud b above 30+