Citroen C5 Aircross SUV 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

This is the new Citroen C5 Aircross! Even though the exterior styling may help it stand out, there’s no denying it’s just yet another entry into the crowded SUV market. It comes in relatively cheap, but barring the exterior, how does the C5 Aircross stack up against the competition? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!
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  • R R
    R R7 days ago

    Biased review!! Always talks good about german cars! How much do you get paid??

  • Christopher Maloney
    Christopher Maloney7 days ago

    C5 aircross is like the c4 cactus

  • Mr T
    Mr T14 days ago


  • AB WA
    AB WA22 days ago

    The France 🇫🇷 cars 🚗 is the worst cars ever I guess even the Chinese car is better this shit I advice them to take some training in Germany 🇩🇪 and UK 🇬🇧 to know how to make the car’s

  • Mark Hall
    Mark Hall26 days ago

    Looks cheap,plasticky and ugly, good family car tho.

  • Helen Hancock
    Helen HancockMonth ago

    Who is this man? I love his reviews! I think I'm falling in love. Or perhaps it's the car.

  • Sourav Chakraborty
    Sourav ChakrabortyMonth ago

    This car is coming in india!!!!

  • John Bradshaw
    John BradshawMonth ago

    I like this model, much more stylish and nicer inside than the painfully bland Tiguan and its various clones and a lot cheaper than the likes of the Q3.

  • 14energy
    14energyMonth ago

    Please do a hybrid review now its out

  • MUNNA Munna
    MUNNA MunnaMonth ago

    How much price it in Bangladesh?

  • MUNNA Munna
    MUNNA MunnaMonth ago

    Is it a car of 5 seater, sir?

  • Thomas Fjeldsted
    Thomas FjeldstedMonth ago

    Will you have a look at the PHEV version ?

  • Gaming on Android
    Gaming on AndroidMonth ago

    this should come to India

  • Joel Reji
    Joel RejiMonth ago

    6:48 The window is like a filter to get better outside image quality.When window is down can't see anything

  • Rami Elkady
    Rami ElkadyMonth ago

    Not sure if I enjoyed the valuable info more or your entertaining performance. Thumbs up.

  • Huedra 062
    Huedra 062Month ago

    Inside it may be quite good but I hate the front lock to small lights in my opinion

  • Shay Devlin
    Shay DevlinMonth ago

    The only Citroen Jezza likes

  • Ryan W
    Ryan WMonth ago

    10:45 I want my mummy 😂😂😂

  • Cliff Burton ın kardeşiyim
    Cliff Burton ın kardeşiyim2 months ago

    as a c5 aircross owner the thing i like he most is the suspension comfort on bumpy roads is suprisingly good -better than a merc e series with runflat tires

  • Don of 9th B
    Don of 9th B2 months ago

    I think it is coming to india 🇮🇳

  • Priyananth Premakanthan
    Priyananth Premakanthan2 months ago

    Its a subcompact crossover

  • Andy M
    Andy M2 months ago

    Who reads a book anymore.

  • Truth not opinion
    Truth not opinion2 months ago

    The sheer number of ads is doing my nut!

  • Issie wizzie
    Issie wizzie3 months ago

    I just want a hybrid model

  • Jérôme-Maximin
    Jérôme-Maximin3 months ago

    Where can I find his jacket ? Good review Matt btw

  • drMaglov
    drMaglov3 months ago

    Little boring review with unrelevant info and too fast speach which even person in England can not understand :/ Do not oil and smudge everything you touch in the car! Exhaust is symmetric = estetic feature, what is the problem with that stupid complain? Many big cars have fake and symmetric exhoust, and so on...

  • Hashib Sadik
    Hashib Sadik3 months ago

    Omg the amount of adds :(

  • Llewellyn Makoa
    Llewellyn Makoa3 months ago

    To tie down a hostage? 😅

  • Patrick Baranowski
    Patrick Baranowski3 months ago

    Can't do it after owning a picaso and a c3 I couldn't go back to Citroen. Both were riddled with electrical Gremlins. One day I pressed the button on my c3 keys to unlock the car and instead of unlocking the car the CD player came on full volume. When I finally got the car unlocked the radio wouldn't switch off so had to disconnect the battery. Plus the ECU died on the C3 two times in under 20k miles thanks to a common fault on the wiper jet plumping that dripped water on the ecu ow and the coil died within a week of buying the car new and if anyone was sat in the passenger seat the airbag warning light came on. I was so glad to get shut of the pile of crap

  • amit yandigeri
    amit yandigeri3 months ago

    Pretty great car

  • Claude Dubois
    Claude Dubois3 months ago

    Carwow, Mattwow. 🍀🏆🏆🏆🍀🌠

    THE COC GUY3 months ago

    Ugliest thing in the world of cars

  • AttackTheGasStation1


    2 months ago

    Absolutely wrong. That car is wonderful.

  • Ural Mutlu
    Ural Mutlu3 months ago

    I miss the 5 mins reviews. This is just too long

    MANISH TEWARI3 months ago

    Review in Hindi watch👌👌👍 #powerracer

  • dipen Bhavsar
    dipen Bhavsar3 months ago

    Waiting for C5 to come to India... coming 2021...

  • Nytro
    Nytro4 months ago

    Skoda is sold again! Every video he has to mention a Skoda. It's cringy now. I'm almost waiting for him to name drop in every video!

  • R M G
    R M G4 months ago

    This is why these are the best car reviews. The attention to details. The backseat measurements are really helpful since I have a similar situation (2 child seats and an adult in the back).

  • Nosey Samatha
    Nosey Samatha4 months ago

    Cool car 🚗 the reviewer sucks !

  • Ayoun Ghosh
    Ayoun Ghosh4 months ago


  • Russell Wallbank
    Russell Wallbank4 months ago

    I dislike the infotainment system with a passion. Best thing about it is Apple car play.

  • PowerBam Gaming
    PowerBam Gaming4 months ago

    Is that a Cop car?

  • PowerBam Gaming

    PowerBam Gaming

    4 months ago

    @Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer I beg to differ 😁

  • Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer

    Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer

    4 months ago

    PowerBam Gaming no

  • Lisa
    Lisa4 months ago

    1 million views? This guy pulls in the views doesn't he. Wish he was on Top Gear given he actually seems to know what he's talking about and he's quite funny! I test drove a 1.5 EAT8 Diesel yesterday and bought a 1 year old one in the afternoon, it was great. Great pricing and brilliant features. Currently drive a Tuscon. Safety kit on this is fab and we're expecting second kid so option of someone squeezing in the back in case the kids kick off is appealing rather than trying to lean back from the passenger seat and sort them out! Easier to drive and much easier to park than the Tuscon. Looking forward to getting my hands on it soon!

  • Khetha Bhengu
    Khetha Bhengu4 months ago

    id just get the flare model it has all i need

  • Black Sunshine
    Black Sunshine4 months ago

    In French accent - 'Citroen. Taste the rainbow'.

  • anouar ben ayoub
    anouar ben ayoub4 months ago

    Very bad car. Pure marketing.

  • Aine o'connell
    Aine o'connell5 months ago

    Looking for next car and have a Citroen c4 space tourer and had thought of this one so very interested to see this 👌👌



    4 months ago

    Hope you will enjoy this car, i am looking for a Citroen C4 Space Tourer :)

  • amreen sheikh
    amreen sheikh5 months ago

    My kids friend has Citroen’s car

  • Richard Taylor
    Richard Taylor5 months ago

    Went to Citroen dealer last week to look at a flair plus. They have none in stock due to the PLANDEMIC ????...

  • izwan shaari
    izwan shaari5 months ago

    How do you compare this car ride quality compared to Citroen C4 Cactus?

  • Timotej Rihter
    Timotej Rihter5 months ago

    Can you do review on Citroen Berlingo 2020

  • Aronya Mondal
    Aronya Mondal6 months ago

    Hope they come to bangladesh sone as peugeot is already here

  • Chris Hebbron
    Chris Hebbron6 months ago

    Ooh, that nasty strap!!! 1:42 That's put me right off buying the vehicle!!!

  • Ikrar Ahmed
    Ikrar Ahmed6 months ago

    Kb lonch hoge

  • Dave
    Dave7 months ago

    Why are we obsessed with how many bottles we can carry and scratchy plastic give a proper unbiased opinion please.

  • gsridhara babu
    gsridhara babu7 months ago

    when citroen will be launched in india

  • TheShadowDestroyer


    4 months ago

    End of 2021 I think.

  • Amol Bachhav
    Amol Bachhav7 months ago

    Hey mat why don't you advertise water bottle company? have them in every video

  • Mick Nilsen
    Mick Nilsen8 months ago

    Everything look good until technic problem is coming , had a C4 Cactus , is enough!

  • m7md mmm
    m7md mmm8 months ago

    could you talk about the fuel consumption please

  • Lakshman Dalpadado
    Lakshman Dalpadado8 months ago

    " Dives a injured French footballer " and " wallows like inebriated Hippo " -- two of the best quotes. Better than Jeremy C.

    DAMON LEE8 months ago

    I luv the the air bumps and the distinct looks...i luv the whole Citroen lineup...and PSA groupe , DS especially. Just not the air vents so close to the screen.

  • Hg Hg
    Hg Hg8 months ago

    " I cant complain that much really". You feel obligated to complain when reviewing french cars Matt arent you haha.

  • dosetti
    dosetti8 months ago

    Very clever move to put drl's above headlights and blinkers separated from them as well!

  • Allie Ghilli
    Allie Ghilli8 months ago

    Has anybody experinced kids get carsick very quickly @15:40

  • Paul Morais
    Paul Morais9 months ago

    Anyone watching your review will never buy the car 😂

  • alessandra mei
    alessandra mei9 months ago

    Bellissima macchina!

  • Zamils Everyday
    Zamils Everyday9 months ago

    10:44 baby mat 😂

  • Ronit Bora
    Ronit Bora9 months ago

    1:24 That door shut thud doesn't sound convincing 😕

  • kasse


    8 months ago

    it's because of the bottles in the storage bin

  • John Gilfillan
    John Gilfillan9 months ago

    I take it, Carwow has a shipload of Peugeot 3008 they can't shift. Makes a reference to it in nearly every video, Either that, he owns one and is trying to justify buying it.

  • Konstantinos Dichalas
    Konstantinos Dichalas10 months ago

    Does anyone else noticed that he always promotes VW Group cars in all of his review videos (Karoq in this case) and he somehow manages to always dislike the touch controls to all cars except the VW Group.

  • Justyburger
    Justyburger10 months ago

    I love these reviews. So darn funny. Nans knickers, hostages in the back, sport mode on slippers, the inebriated Hippo and that strap in the front is not that tacky by the way. This is a great car. Pity about the slow infotainment though. Everything else is fantastic.

  • nino -aka
    nino -aka10 months ago

    I like citroens coz are cheap and good cars

  • Panos Rod
    Panos Rod10 months ago

    This is a very angly car.

  • Ibrahim Saad
    Ibrahim Saad10 months ago

    In Egypt 1.6 turbo fwd, 165 hp 240 nm automatic 6 speed petrol

  • The Anti Life Equation
    The Anti Life Equation10 months ago

    My brother got one, I've been in the back a few times and I'm a burly 6'3 and it's fine.

  • Filippos Stamatelos
    Filippos Stamatelos10 months ago

    this is gonna be my next car :)

  • Dennis Orlandos
    Dennis Orlandos10 months ago

    It seems to be a cery good car!

  • Arnold Tabor
    Arnold Tabor10 months ago

    ... I wonder why those reading lights were so far back 🧐 ... totally not the panoramic sunroof

  • GamerGEM 123
    GamerGEM 12310 months ago

    Hi i am Mat Watson and this car is a bit like a pilow

  • The Anti Life Equation
    The Anti Life Equation10 months ago

    After looking through all the family suv style cars I've just ordered this one, it actually came down to this the Peugeot 3008 and the Renault Kadjar (well done the french). Went for the C5 aircross flair plus though as personally I think it gives you a little more value for money. I admit it's a bit of a marmite car though and you'll either love it's weird styling or hate it (I love it).

  • The Cake Glutton
    The Cake Glutton10 months ago

    You can have a third person between the children… but how they get there?? 😂

  • The Cake Glutton
    The Cake Glutton10 months ago

    Why they don’t just support Android and Apple car play in these infotainment systems 🤯

  • SennzyTheGamer
    SennzyTheGamer10 months ago

    Is that a dongfeng car

  • Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer

    Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer

    4 months ago

    NissanGang no

  • Nation Frist
    Nation Frist10 months ago

    Great car

  • 80系が好きだ!! landcruiser
    80系が好きだ!! landcruiser10 months ago


  • Zain and winter drizzle Vlogs
    Zain and winter drizzle Vlogs11 months ago

    My mum has the rolls Royce and citron

  • car reviews123
    car reviews12311 months ago

    I'm watching this while in a c5

  • Paul Graves
    Paul Graves11 months ago

    Test drive booked via carwow for model shown.... today 11:30!

  • Ahren Scholz
    Ahren Scholz11 months ago

    Ew that 840d, why 😂😂😂

  • sleelakrishnan
    sleelakrishnan11 months ago

    Soo Cute Car

  • sleelakrishnan
    sleelakrishnan11 months ago

    I Have Like All Of Citroen Cars Before All I Read From Auto Magazines...

  • sleelakrishnan
    sleelakrishnan11 months ago

    I love you Matt Watson 🎄🎅🎈Advance Merry Christmas Man

  • sleelakrishnan
    sleelakrishnan11 months ago

    Too Cuteness Added To This Car I Like That...

  • sleelakrishnan
    sleelakrishnan11 months ago

    I love citroen soo much

  • sleelakrishnan
    sleelakrishnan11 months ago

    Soo Much Beautiful

  • Ultimate
    Ultimate11 months ago

    Pointless and ugly what the fuck u mean asshole this car looks sexy at this price range don't expect Ferrari shit in all car..

  • Brian Thomas
    Brian Thomas11 months ago

    These car reviewers are just a bunch of ar**holes. They are nothing but self appointed "drivers" or worse still "car salesmen"; get a life and go get a proper job; feckin Jeremy Clarkson clones who never ever engineered, designed or made a washer let alone a complex product like this beautiful Citroen. Somewhere in this video he (or somebody else) witters on about body roll - ignore him. The car is so so comfortable, and handles beautifully when driven on public roads and motorways. He also goes on about the steering being vague - try reading the manual you moron; there's a feature called "Lane Departure Warning System" so learn to drive properly and you won't find the car trying to correct your lane departures. You can switch it off if you still can't drive in a straight line. I worked at JLR and Aston Martin for 20 odd years so do talk with the benefits of lots of experience and a little knowledge.

  • Brian Thomas
    Brian Thomas11 months ago

    Just bought one two weeks ago and I am as impressed as I was during the initial test drive. So comfortable and quiet and that's the diesel version. It takes a while to get used to it like anything new but now I feel soo chilled driving it and it's not as BIG as I feared initially and is very easy to place on the road and to park etc. It really is up to Citroen's standard, well done and am a very pleased customer.

  • vjexxx


    11 months ago

    I am greatly interested in that car, primarily because of comfort suspension. I am driving Nissan Qashqai now an I am sick of jumpy and unsettled ride over patchy and wavy roads. What is your experience? Does your body moves too much or still stands calm on uneven roads.

  • Rumble
    Rumble11 months ago

    Am I the only one that thinks touch screens have no place in a car? Especially if they're laggy unresponsive ones like in this car. Touch screens are for interfaces that change over time - so having a panel of buttons under the screen that consist of printed icons that are touch operated is idiotic. User interface fails all around honestly.

  • Mohamed El Henawy
    Mohamed El Henawy11 months ago

    is it reliable ? any known issues so far ?

  • BERTRAND Philippe
    BERTRAND PhilippeYear ago