Citroen C3 2018 in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews

It takes something unusual to stand out from among the supermini masses, but the Citroen C3’s bold look attracts plenty of attention. Love it or hate it, Citroen deserves credit for trying something different - and not just for the way it looks. This is a supermini set up for comfort rather than sportiness, which means it offers buyers something completely different from the likes of the Ford Fiesta. But how good is it? Find out in my full in-depth review.
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  • Winter216
    Winter2162 days ago

    Honestly it really bad within everyday life 30 mph or lower its very poor

  • Paul Clapperton
    Paul Clapperton10 days ago

    Crap absolutely crap cars

  • JoeJackson 11
    JoeJackson 11Month ago

    What other shape is the cubby going to be- a fuckin pentagon?

  • Jo Jo
    Jo JoMonth ago

    The breaks is typically Citroen. You get used to it.😉

  • Damien Ghela
    Damien GhelaMonth ago

    This car is dynamically bankrupt. Don’t do it!!! It badly wallows, the system is really laggy and it’s so devoid of feeling it’s difficult to drive.

  • RV112
    RV1122 months ago

    I like Citroen’s design at the moment, definitely more appealing than what vw and Ford are throwing out

  • Chelsey Jones
    Chelsey Jones2 months ago

    this is the car i'm learning in on my lessons

  • Aul T O R Q
    Aul T O R Q2 months ago

    Citroën would do great in the American market, WHY AREN’T THEY TAKING THE CHANCE?!?!

  • Michael Philips
    Michael Philips2 months ago

    Speaking too fast and with your accent, it's hard to understand. Communication fail!

  • Cj Mal
    Cj Mal3 months ago

    I have the Citroen c4 cactus in red and black

  • Dazzletoad
    Dazzletoad3 months ago

    Why is a 2018 car sitting with a 2016 number plate 🤔

  • Emil Dickson
    Emil Dickson3 months ago

    It doesn't have air conditioning? My 1982 Mitsubishi Sigma had air-conditioning. That's a scary lack of features.

  • michael thompson
    michael thompson4 months ago

    I have a 15 yr old petrol berlingo. 1.6 petrol. Had many cars. This can do everything and the ride and comfort incredible. Almost silent at 70. Versatility second to none. No rust, paintwork as new, 120,000 miles. Original clutch. Only niggles central locking intermittent but cba to fix. I have 2 cars but berlingo is my go to. Also people like to borrow it.😂. Nicknamed the pope mobile

  • Nathan Huxley
    Nathan Huxley4 months ago

    I’m a C3 driver and I approve this car :)

  • Jacob Marks
    Jacob Marks7 months ago

    I learnt to drive in one of these

    JJV MEDIA7 months ago

    Like the design than the Renault kwid

  • Ed John Cabarrubia
    Ed John Cabarrubia8 months ago

    Is they have an option for aircon this car?thank you.

  • Nathan Rock
    Nathan Rock9 months ago

    0:23 what’s up with the car in the left hand side of the screen

  • Rachie Sherlock
    Rachie Sherlock9 months ago

    I bloody love this car. I'm thinking of getting one this month

  • Mr Yusuf

    Mr Yusuf

    9 months ago

    Yup i love uk, in america theres no 60 mpg car to be seen

  • Sauberboi Saubarboi
    Sauberboi Saubarboi9 months ago

    Best thing about the C3: *Airbumps*

  • Jiayang Gao
    Jiayang Gao10 months ago

    I want to buy this car. But it's not available in Canada.

  • 자유여행쉼터
    자유여행쉼터10 months ago

    Thank you Seoul korea

    LUDOVIK MALKOVICH10 months ago

    I got the diesel C3 and its one of the best cars I've owned, soft ride yes, great MPG yes, reliable yes, cheap tax £30 yes, comfortable seats yes, No no's i can think of. . . . what do you want from a car, speed buy a Ferrari, style buy a Mercedes, as for no A/C mat are you sure, I think you access it through the satnav screen on these models, does anyone make a car without A/C nowadays that is sold in europe,

  • alex hagood
    alex hagood10 months ago

    Just buy a civic

  • Kelly Isaacs
    Kelly Isaacs10 months ago

    Where I wash the rear windscreen on a C3 Flair???? Can not find any mention of how to do it! Does it have one?

  • Chandra
    Chandra10 months ago

    How many rectangles do you want? Citroen designers : Yes

  • BG Forever
    BG Forever11 months ago

    The C3PO in the back🤣🤣

  • John Dean
    John Dean11 months ago

    Which sad git wants to show friends footage of where you drive.... a bore of the first order. Just a simple dashcam that is auto on when you drive and is easily downloaded onto a USB when you have an accident. Just because the computer can does not mean it's useful. The 1.2 is also underpowered and the mycitroen app a pain in the backside only useful for people who live for pressing buttons rather than getting on with living. Designed by a teenager ? Ps it likes jumping out of reverse

  • Manuel
    Manuel11 months ago

    I'm glad the french is making their own style of car design

  • George Drits
    George Drits11 months ago

    I have a c3, beautiful inside - outside, but horible steering wheel! The opposite from a fiesta. Gear box 20 years before. I keep it because the comfortable suspension and the higher groundance, like small suv. Unfortunately this car spoke to your heart. It has a feeling...

  • bridgetandbruce
    bridgetandbruce11 months ago

    Awful car - worst I have ever driven. Used cars I had in the 1960's were better.

  • Tambo74
    Tambo7411 months ago

    I totally agree, just hired one while my Golf Gti mk7 is in the garage and the C3 feels like a toy car so spongy and the manual gearshift 1.2 is horrible the car is so wallowy and body roll is laughable, but apart from that the C3 is a decent cheap car a sort of plug and play modern car you just drive and forget about, I also love the side body protection and quirky looks. I'd own but the Interior plastics, Drive train and body roll are a deal breaker foe me..

  • Phill Robinson
    Phill RobinsonYear ago

    like it or lump it mate the French have more idea of style and affordability than you do.

  • Mart 77
    Mart 77Year ago

    It would be ok as a chicken house maybe!if the chickens weren't too fussy.and knew nothing about engineering,like the people who built it.

  • Phill Robinson
    Phill RobinsonYear ago

    I own one and would not even consider a fiesta.

  • Hary Whizz
    Hary WhizzYear ago

    Minimalist ... but brilliant design !

  • callum hardy
    callum hardyYear ago

    Very avant garde... reminds me of Citroen in the older days!?

  • Oliver Bear
    Oliver BearYear ago

    Had one of these as a hire car recently. It's easy to live with - if you like driving a blancmange. Would I have one as a hire car? Yes, definitely. Would I buy one? No, never.

  • John Cutler
    John CutlerYear ago

    Finally! A car with a built in dashcam. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👍

  • Hugh Matthews
    Hugh MatthewsYear ago

    Nice review. Really nice to hear a guy who pronounces the “g” in thing!

  • JD3Sniperwolf
    JD3SniperwolfYear ago

    That smashed up phone. Get a new 1 ya pleb lol

  • Citroën C3 III MAROC
    Citroën C3 III MAROCYear ago


  • noahwarren
    noahwarrenYear ago

    I drive a Civic Type R. This car is a piece of garbage, rented one for a week in France. Horrendous.

  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel EvansYear ago

    Those rounded rectangles give me such anxiety 🤢.

  • Loosa Bway
    Loosa BwayYear ago

    Must be refined - the motoring journalist mentioned that there was not too much road noise

  • Juan Diego Andrade
    Juan Diego AndradeYear ago

    Hello, which car is better? This Citroën C3 or Mazda 2 (both basic models) Thanks

  • GraphicsWhore
    GraphicsWhoreYear ago

    Is it all wheel drive?

  • George Drits

    George Drits

    11 months ago

    I'm afraid not

  • Finlay Mann
    Finlay MannYear ago

    my dads just gone out and bought one, and I hate it ngl. I wanted him to buy the c5 aircrews. 😂

  • john McCabe
    john McCabeYear ago

    we have had the use of a C3 for a week with the small petrol engine a terrible car do not waste your money buying one it handles like a boat going into bends even at slow speeds the clutch is very high the gearbox is like stirring soup in a bowel would be very worried if it went on the motorway will be glad when it goes back

  • Just a person
    Just a personYear ago

    Why is it that beautiful?

  • Professor Pigeon
    Professor PigeonYear ago

    why do people moan about cheap materials, its not a luxury or enthusaist car, its just normal transport lol

  • 1234B
    1234BYear ago

    Do Not Like It At All

  • JB London
    JB LondonYear ago

    Something odd here. This car review don't seem too good, lack of space at the back, body roll, jerky why is this car highly rated with an 8 out of 10 on the carwow website?

  • George Drits

    George Drits

    11 months ago

    The brakes are perfect and strong!

  • FiuzA2k


    Year ago

    7 out of 10.

  • Vegetarier für Tierschutz
    Vegetarier für TierschutzYear ago

    i love comfortable cars, like the c3 is. i no need drive fast on this slow streets

  • Mr100duke
    Mr100dukeYear ago

    I just got one as a loan car from body shop.....what a piece of junk, it looks ok but the base petrol is massively underpowered and the interior reminded me of my first ever car, a Allegro, if you glued a cheap tablet on a Allegro centre console you have a C3.....don't buy a new one of these go and get something decent with a few years on it, personally I wouldn't want it as a gift.

  • CieloaltoA340
    CieloaltoA340Year ago

    Good video 😁😉but the car is so ugly

  • PSCavalier 95
    PSCavalier 95Year ago

    I recently had a C3 courtesy car 1.2 82bhp.

  • FiuzA2k
    FiuzA2kYear ago

    Is the start stop button ignition a separate option from keyless entry?

  • Alloallo Veralynn
    Alloallo VeralynnYear ago

    Driving one at the moment, and it isn't great. It feels as if after 20k miles it will drop to bits. I've always been a Citroen driver since my first ZX TD (what a fantastic machine that was), but I won't be buying a C3. No way. 1) the touchscreen to do everything really really sucks. Working the heating controls while driving is a nightmare. Give us some knobs please. 2) the floor of the boot is unsupported, and so objects drop down into the spare wheel well. 3) a lot of the power is up above the red line, which means it gets thrashed mercilessly, and watching the rev-counter isn't always on your mind when overtaking etc. 4) while thrashing mercilessly, you suddenly hit the rev limiter, and it isn't smooth at all. It sort of jerks about. It sounds like it may have an unhappy valve now. 5) the stop-start feature is a pain. Luckily it can be turned off, but how to do that isn't in the manual. The Polo has a button. Be like Polo. Better still, abandon this pointless feature altogether. 6) the driver's seat gives me a bad back. Already at about 4k miles the padding feels like it is going. 7) day running lights and LEDs everywhere - no thanks. 8) onboard computers running radio etc means that it does change its mind about things. Sometimes you start it up and the radio just decides to switch itself on etc. The Stop-Start turned itself off before I found out how to do it! Yay! On the other hand, what else may turn itself off without warning? ABS? Power steering? Lights? 9) I haven't even looked under the bonnet, I'm not expecting to be thrilled. 10) oh - and the s*dding boot catch! Obviously the designers of the C3 have never considered what it might be like to have arthritic hands. My hands are fine, but the catch absolutely sucks. Basically, far too clever for its own good. Give us fewer functions and better quality. Respect us as drivers, and stop making machines that try to think for us please, and that do just exactly what we expect, nothing else. Remember when hire cars made you want to drive a new car? The entire range of modern small cars makes me glad I never own anything less than ten years old.

  • Alloallo Veralynn

    Alloallo Veralynn

    Year ago

    @Deliquescator this may clear things up

  • Premium Balkan
    Premium BalkanYear ago

    That car is ugly. Am not even kidding its UGLY. 😑

  • Richard Sunday
    Richard SundayYear ago

    Been driving this for a week as a courtesy car, as the days have gone on, I've really enjoyed it, yes super comfy, brand new so the gears can be slightly sticky and there is a little difficulty looking back over my right shoulder past the thick space between front and back driver side windows, would I buy it, probably, you tend to get used to a car after a few days and I will be looking for something reliable in the not too distant future :)

  • GhettoFran
    GhettoFranYear ago

    The isofix points in the front are actually under the zips - don’t know what he was struggling with...apart from that, good review

  • X2374
    X2374Year ago

    interior especially the dash are great, visibility is really bad, blind spots are can't see anything that's why they fitted the reverse parking screen

  • Sourav Seth
    Sourav SethYear ago

    What is the mileage

  • gas-powered-crusader
    gas-powered-crusaderYear ago

    I like it. Better than Kia/Hyndai combined.

  • Byron Cudworth
    Byron CudworthYear ago

    Smooth ride but the gear stick is odd.

  • Артур
    АртурYear ago

    Машина хуйня . Владею год расход 12,5 экономная пиздец! Летом продаю

  • Mihailo Rutić
    Mihailo RutićYear ago

    Bullshit car, total bullshit car, seen that shit in saloon of cars, bullshit 100/100

  • newguy56
    newguy56Year ago

    They put this awesome entertainment system with all the features yet no RCA output on the back. So to connect a damn regular subwoofer or replace the crappy paper speakers you'll end up buying a Pioneer radio anyway. And getting the steering wheel buttons to work is a pain in the butt. Sadly this applies to most car brands not just Citroen...

  • Lee Shill
    Lee ShillYear ago

    I had a C3 for a hire car and I must admit I was very impressed with how comfortable and how smooth it was very enjoyable easy to live with. I had the 82 bhp flair and it was very nippy definitely put the cars I’ve previously owned to shame. It’s definitely worth a look

  • Borut Vasle
    Borut VasleYear ago

    I used to drive this car on vacation. Except that you have to use the 4th gear at full load, the car is top-notch.

  • Jonny Armitage
    Jonny ArmitageYear ago

    I have this car as a courtesy car at the moment. There is one really annoying feature: the dashboard is deep, shiny black plastic so it constantly reflects sun into your eyes whatever the weather!

  • Lewis Hughes
    Lewis HughesYear ago

    Disgusting cars, only peados would drive these

  • Apocalyptic
    ApocalypticYear ago

    test drove this car a little while back ... was not impressed. Noisy, bad interior and everything

  • Lee Greveson
    Lee GrevesonYear ago

    Scraping the barrel for five things you don't like about it. Windscreen wiper issue affects loads of cars. Handbrake cover too short (like any normal person would actually notice). ISO fix points .... RTFM. OK so two tone paint joint is poor. Agreed. Don't all French cars put the fuse box in that position? Deal with it. Thankfully you're no longer comparing the car under review to a VW or Ford.

  • Robert Lee
    Robert LeeYear ago


  • Leif Goodwin
    Leif GoodwinYear ago

    I had a 2018 plate one of these on loan for two weeks while my car was being repaired. I hated it. The engine was the slowest and it is slow. The inside is weird. I came to like the interior design, and although plastics are hard, it feels well made. The door grab handles look cheap though, and belong on a bus. The infotainment system is awful, small screen and hard to navigate. It often froze. Sometimes my iPhone played through its own speaker instead when connected, very buggy. The air con is awful. It is controlled via the touchscreen which is inconvenient and dangerous to do when driving. Not having real controls saves money. And my lips got so dry they were cracking and bleeding. The gear lever is floppy as said. Yes it’s not a sporty car, but it is comfortable, and like an armchair on wheels which I liked. The speedo etc look awful, cheap and nasty, due to the awful font, and they are hard to read and partially obscured by the steering wheel. The worst part is the dreadful ergonomics. It is so illogical I could not even figure out how to reset the trip meter. And in terms of space, my VW Polo which is a super mini ie one class down, has more space and a bigger boot. It is good value, but I would happily and in fact did pay more.

  • Anonymous
    AnonymousYear ago

    wait what? how u gon have a car in 2018 without ac?

  • Jenny Donne
    Jenny DonneYear ago

    Had this as a courtesy car for 3 days, very nice & comfy car. Only problem is that the ventilation a/c controls are on the touch screen & the sunroof is just a fixed glass panel. When I updated my lease car I nearly chose this car, I wanted an opening sunroof so ended up getting a Fiesta. Still this is a nice distinctive car & such lovely seats.

  • Eagle z's
    Eagle z'sYear ago

    how the f. a 2018 car comes without air condition?

  • Hamilton Dashcammer
    Hamilton DashcammerYear ago

    Citröen has always been style over substance. And I love them for it!

  • riccccccardo
    riccccccardo2 years ago

    Just got it as hire car from Hastings direct even though I told them I’m to big for the vehicle 😡 . The cars to small, horrible 1.2 engine, reverse camera is blurry, the clutch biting points are horrible (I can’t stop stalling it from stand still), suspension super crashy over speed bumps even at low speeds, inside is tiny, making me get abdominal cramps pain, worse vehicle I’ve ever driven in my life.

  • Amin.Vlogs
    Amin.Vlogs2 years ago

    Looks like a frog

  • Hey! the name is Elliott!
    Hey! the name is Elliott!2 years ago

    I really like the look of this car, I just passed my test and was thinking of getting this car on finance. Any suggestions on what version to get?

  • Gospodin


    2 years ago

    If u are in city 1.2 Puretech 82. For highway is best 1.5 BlueHdi 100. I am in Croatia so we have difrend equipment but i have Shine version, In UK feel is same as Shine i think.

  • Eat-Sleep-Volvo-Repeat
    Eat-Sleep-Volvo-Repeat2 years ago

    I had one of these as a hire car when I went to Bulgaria. the thing was absolute junk! It was falling apart after only 8000km(5000miles) Nasty cheap build quality, Gutless engine and a ride that was far to soft! The ride was so soft that it actually made me feel sick after driving it brcause it was never settled, it was always wobbling around from bump to bump. yes it looks quirky and niche, but look past that and it is a desperately cheap pile of junk, not in the same league as a polo or Fiesta

  • K onliner
    K onliner2 years ago

    I love this car. It's eccentric and comfortable as what Citroen should be.

  • BrateTebra123 t.z. Streptomicin za muski rod
    BrateTebra123 t.z. Streptomicin za muski rod2 years ago

    It only lacks a arm rest. Other then that an excellent car

  • derek ashworth
    derek ashworth2 years ago

    Why doesnt somebody tell this presenter to speak more clearly? His delivery is like a burst of machine gun fire, so off-putting that I could follow only about 30% of what he was talking about. I’m afraid that this is a malaise infecting the young today: it’s not about accent, it’s about clarity! By the way, I’ve driven this car and it’s a clunker!! DA.

  • I control the spice
    I control the spice2 years ago

    my mom's getting this

  • philip kemp bell
    philip kemp bell2 years ago

    The car is garbage. Either Citroen and still trying to understand how to make cars, or they are taking the piss. It feels like it broken when you drive it.

  • El Nino
    El Nino2 years ago

    Why would a car not have air conditioning!!?

  • Luke Tuttiett
    Luke Tuttiett2 years ago

    Yes it’s quirky but the engineering is substandard.

  • Luiz Henrique
    Luiz Henrique2 years ago

    Cara chato e bobo!

  • Luiz Henrique
    Luiz Henrique2 years ago

    This guy is a bit exaggerated.

  • Luiz Henrique
    Luiz Henrique2 years ago

    This guy is a bit exaggerated.

  • Jay Camargo
    Jay Camargo2 years ago

    how can you comment "there's a blind spot here" and point to the A pillar? EVERY. SINGLE. CAR. has an A pillar. lol

  • Matthew Chapman
    Matthew Chapman2 years ago

    Looks better in the Wrc gravel spec

  • Andrew Myerscough
    Andrew Myerscough2 years ago

    Currently have a 5 week old 1.2 petrol on hire here in serbia. Seats uncomfortable for me at 5'11", gutless engine and the clutch is very weak. Interior wise all hard plastic and why are manufacturers putting heating controls on the touch screen, you have to take your eye off the road. I currently drive a b8 Passat because vw virtually gave it away but am going back to Honda at the end of the year for the crv.

  • Olympus Healer
    Olympus Healer2 years ago

    In Iran government sell this car to us x10 the price and it is considered as a luxury car, people have to pre purchase it and they didnt deliver cars yet. by the way in Iran we get 1.6 liter Turbo version which is exclusive

  • Mark McMarkface
    Mark McMarkface2 years ago

    Avoid the Citroën C3. I've got one as a courtesy car and it has a cheap and nasty interior, the seats have no support and the switchgear feels brittle. The engine is gutless, the clutch is vague in the extreme, the gearchange is loose, long winded and imprecise. The brakes are not sharp at all but like everything else they are vague and difficult to modulate smoothly. The ride is appalling; it is very soft and roly poly yet the car still moves around a lot while still crashing over some potholes and ridges. With the vague, sloppy steering, it's a bit like driving a blancmange down the road. I have driven the previous C3 as a rental car and it was far superior. I'm amazed that anyone would test drive this car and think yes, I'll actually pay for this. Incidentally, this car has 7000 miles on it and already makes creaking noises and the tail lamps have water sloshing around inside them.