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Can the French people's car take on the challenges in 2017 it was designed for in the 1930s?
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  • Ali Baker
    Ali Baker13 days ago

    This video really shows the pros of a 2cv.A tin beast.

  • Ost81
    Ost81Month ago

    Thats not a plowed field

  • Klaus Haunstrup Christensen
    Klaus Haunstrup Christensen3 months ago

    One of my life’s motoring highlights was as a pedestrian. Around 15 years ago I was walking down a street where there are some extraordinary vicious speed bumps. A car drove by me approaching the bump with a speed only marginally higher than my walking speed. Literally at the moment it reached the speed bump with 5 miles per hours it was overtaken by a 2CV which rushed over the speed bump/breaker without even lifting off at 30 miles 🤣. The Citroën 2CV was and is a testimony to engineering excellence. By the way, the extremely low center of gravity in combination with suspension geometry with roll axis at ground level front and rear + narrow tires makes certain that the 2CV can newer roll over. It might look like it’s going to capsize, but it will always slide before it rolls, unless it’s driven into a ditch.

  • twistedyogert
    twistedyogert3 months ago

    Wouldn't mind a modern electric version.

  • Nightmare Moon
    Nightmare Moon5 months ago

    best car ever

  • hjb Burkhalter
    hjb Burkhalter5 months ago

    the Carr for my the best my love carr

  • Magnus Johansson
    Magnus Johansson6 months ago

    Brilliant little car!

  • goeast12
    goeast126 months ago

    So happy they drove it across a field, because that’s one of the things it was built to do and if you drive around France you realize why it’s an agricultural powerhouse. To me that’s seeing the real France. I drove in one of these in a tiny village outside of Verdun, including across a field and it was a blast. The French countryside, country cooking, fresh air, cheap prices and friendly locals is the best way to visit France.

  • Bjørn Pedersen
    Bjørn Pedersen8 months ago

    I love the color, can you pls supply the color code for this car?

  • Kunal Mazumdar
    Kunal Mazumdar11 months ago

    French people made 3 legendary things- Eiffel tower, Notre dame and Citron 2CV.

  • Personal Discovery
    Personal DiscoveryYear ago

    Hello car guys If you want to see my challenge to restore my classic citroen 2cv. Then I have something for you that can motivate your project :)

  • Personal Discovery
    Personal DiscoveryYear ago

    Hello car guys If you want to see my challenge to restore my classic citroen 2cv. Then I have something for you that can motivate your project :)

  • Personal Discovery
    Personal DiscoveryYear ago

    Hello car guys If you want to see my challenge to restore my classic citroen 2cv. Then I have something for you that can motivate your project :)

  • Personal Discovery
    Personal DiscoveryYear ago

    Hello car guys If you want to see my challenge to restore my classic citroen 2cv. Then I have something for you that can motivate your project :)

  • Bruce Jefferson
    Bruce JeffersonYear ago

    If you could still buy them , I would get one without hesitation. There is no fuctionality in cars anymore.

  • Rodney McGiveron
    Rodney McGiveronYear ago

    That's one of the funniest but coolest vids I've seen for a while..thanks

  • omenakakku2299 omenakakku2299
    omenakakku2299 omenakakku2299Year ago

    i wishd id had some day citroen 2cv. fiat 850 and ford escort mk1

  • Neil Snape
    Neil SnapeYear ago

    Great how you called it “two hairs” instead of “two horses”😉

  • Eric Hartke
    Eric HartkeYear ago

    a boss of mine had one and I got to drive it the gear shift was a bit odd at first but it was a fun quirky car.

  • Roger Hudson
    Roger HudsonYear ago

    To roll one over you have to drive in reverse fast and then try to turn. Otherwise they are perfect.

  • Grandma Rules the Verse
    Grandma Rules the VerseYear ago

    The first time I rolled mine out of the garage, a BMW ran into another car because both drivers were looking at the 2CV. Another time sometime gave me a small duck at a red light. And another time, I found people taking pictures of themselves around the car.

  • Gregg
    GreggYear ago

    Curt's car

  • Samwell
    SamwellYear ago

    That’s my dream car. Honestly

  • bergatube60
    bergatube60Year ago

    Being a dane, where cars are highly taxed objects, I owned 3 2 CV's in my Youth,.The first a stationwagon with 12 Hp's . It took me over the Gross Glockner Hochalpenstrasse, the highest pass in the alps, with two passengers, slowly, but passing a lot of big cooking Mercedes! I uppgraded this old 63 model with a rather new 24 Hp motor and gearbox from a traffic wreck and doubled the power Wauuuh! I think I had this car for 8 years before I bought my second 2CV , a sedan new in 78. The old model had inertia dampers wich was in practice a 1,6 kg brass weight on a spring in a tube with every wheel. Wheel going up, compressed the spring and forced the wheel down after the bump. A genious invention. The dampers were friction plates on the swingarms carrying the wheels, adjustable with a big nut. Sorry they got too expensive, and later models got the ordinary hydraulic dampers. The spring packets located longitudinally parallel with the the frame, were also spring loaded, so when the front wheel vent over a bump, the rear wheel was raised, giving the ride a very comfortably movement.Later copied by Austins Hydrolastic in the Minies.Sir Alec Guinness was raised to the sky for this, but as many other things , it ws only copies of old Citroên inventions. I now dric a Citroên C5 (X7), but some times I miss the calm travel where You had time to enjoy the landscape, and I can certainly miss the bills for petrol :-)))

  • Swaggerlot
    SwaggerlotYear ago

    It would make a beautiful electric car, plus a motor can be mounted that exceeds anything the IC motor did. I put many tens of thousands of miles on two, commuted between Glasgow and London, trashed lots of tyres and drove on and off road. The removable seats were great for beach picnics.

  • Filip Báraka
    Filip BárakaYear ago

    my dream car

  • TheDuppyMan
    TheDuppyManYear ago

    I love this car, it’d be a dream of mine to own one

  • gold python
    gold pythonYear ago

    To build that car, meet the design requirements and make the price point, that's damn fine engineering.

  • David Bray
    David BrayYear ago

    Tres, tres bon! Oui, Je t'aime la deux chevais! Yeah, I no speaky the French🤤

  • Michael Bauers
    Michael Bauers2 years ago

    Is the car shown in the boring article a 2CV? -®ister=facebook

  • Jusb1066
    Jusb10662 years ago

    nope but neither would the mini or its sucessor the metro. both terrible cars in their time , but only loved by the subnormal

  • Jared D
    Jared D2 years ago

    So slow that it does not even have a 'top speed'.

  • Joao Pinto
    Joao Pinto2 years ago

    My dream have one.2cv

  • Super Brit
    Super Brit2 years ago

    Absolute the shitest car ever invented, anybody driving one of these needs some serious help, how the hell can anyone get a hard on over a 2hp engine????

  • Super Brit

    Super Brit

    4 months ago

    @Hotrodelectric 2CV's are wank, that is a FACT, only a retard would drive one.

  • Super Brit

    Super Brit

    4 months ago

    @Λογος Λογος = Prick

  • Jake Kaywell

    Jake Kaywell

    4 months ago

    @Λογος Λογος Hey, Reliants are cool! My American self would totally like an Austin A40 Somerset to boot.

  • Jake Kaywell

    Jake Kaywell

    4 months ago

    Mate, the 2CV name comes from two STEAM HORSES i.e. the old way of referencing horsepower. This engine makes closer to 9 hp. The point of this car isn't to go fast.

  • Λογος Λογος

    Λογος Λογος

    2 years ago

    Super Brit Sure. Brits just can't understand it. Get gack to you Reliant now. 😂

  • Pedro Pinheiro Augusto
    Pedro Pinheiro Augusto2 years ago

    Great car, drove the 2cv6 Club from 1990 for a long time. Had to go as I prefer my mums Dyane bought new in 1980. Thanks, mum!

  • robinaxeman
    robinaxeman2 years ago

    Have owned a 2cv and a Dyane and they are the greatest little cars for comfort and fuel economy

  • Jack D. Flippin
    Jack D. Flippin2 years ago

    I would rather have a 2cv than a supercar.

  • Robert Bidochon
    Robert Bidochon2 years ago

    Bien joués pour ton Français, Alex! ; )

  • Dacooldragon aka Danny
    Dacooldragon aka Danny2 years ago

    It backfired at 3:46 XD

  • Rob Booth Automotive
    Rob Booth Automotive2 years ago

    Identical music to the Chris Harris 2CV vid...

  • Eric George
    Eric George2 years ago

    Its a laughable piece of junk often likened to a hen hut on wheels!

  • Eric George

    Eric George

    3 months ago

    @Jake Kaywell I will take the loss thanks.

  • Jake Kaywell

    Jake Kaywell

    3 months ago

    @Eric George Your loss.

  • Eric George

    Eric George

    3 months ago

    @Jake Kaywell In fact, I'd rather walk.

  • Jake Kaywell

    Jake Kaywell

    3 months ago

    @Eric George I highly doubt you would. The horse and cart is by necessity slower and cruder.

  • Eric George

    Eric George

    4 months ago

    @Jake Kaywell I would settle for the Horse and cart every time.

  • Rick Deckard
    Rick Deckard2 years ago

    Plowed field. PLOWED. But seriously, thanks for the video!

  • wouter van wijk
    wouter van wijk2 years ago

    Just top it of again at the petrol station and look how much goes in again. If you know the distance you have driven you can easily calculate MPG..... Voila!

  • David Hayes
    David Hayes2 years ago

    I had one of these and it rusted like the proverbial. It was an 82 model and I scrapped it in 88. That egg test is no test. Unless you crash or you drop the basket, no eggs will ever ever ever break. Eggs are tough and they fit together perfectly. Eggs don’t break unless you drop them or want them to.

  • analyste


    2 years ago

    the original test from Citroën was take on a laboured field, and egg pannier in the trunk...this is another challenge...take this with another car you have a omelette...

  • Jean-Pierre Vispoel
    Jean-Pierre Vispoel2 years ago

    Dit onverwoestbaar wagentje was mijn eerste Citroën.

  • TheOtherNeutrino
    TheOtherNeutrino3 years ago

    7:23 for Petit Alex

  • Sohave
    Sohave3 years ago

    They did not have those ugly rubber clogs when the 2cv was released, back in 48 it was these kind of real wooden clogs the french peasants would have

  • Bradley Greenwood
    Bradley Greenwood3 years ago

    I wonder if he will look back, someday, and realize he looked like a proper fool wearing an Arab scarf around his neck. Being a style-slave is a poor indicator of individuality.

  • krisnadi imam
    krisnadi imam3 years ago

    too bad they dont sell these anymore... a touch bigger motor, 5 speed / cvt and aircon would be perfect.

  • cabbar toynakbas
    cabbar toynakbas3 years ago

    citroen wake up and make new 2cv with electric engine



    9 months ago

    @Ian Robinson they can...

  • Ian Robinson

    Ian Robinson

    10 months ago

    They don't do retro

  • robinaxeman
    robinaxeman3 years ago

    Best car I ever owned.London to Oban,500 plus miles ten hours at flat out 70 mph and got 50mpg.

  • workingwonderstv
    workingwonderstv3 years ago

    I loved my 2CV4. Left hand drive. 6 volt electrics.However it was a deux chevaux (two horses) and not deux cheveux (two hairs). :-)

  • Joachim Roselio
    Joachim Roselio3 years ago

    When will people stop with these nonsense TG/5thG knock offs. TG's silliness has worn thin and these wannabe mee-too shows are just pathetic... I actually thought this would answer whether the 2cv was still viable as a daily classic.

  • Federico Spadone
    Federico Spadone3 years ago

    What's a 2cv video without accordion background music? xD LOL

  • MotorPunk Magazine
    MotorPunk Magazine3 years ago

    Top stuff. A well overdue vid on the magnificent Tin Snail.

  • Guillaume Laplanche
    Guillaume Laplanche3 years ago

    78 mpg.....downhill in neutral maybe.....for having driven daily a 2CV4 during my college years I was never able to achieve those figures, 55 mpg yes

  • Patchuchan


    2 years ago

    55mpg is still amazingly good.

  • Boz 2011

    Boz 2011

    3 years ago

    Thats great

  • Filip Gereg

    Filip Gereg

    3 years ago

    And there's the Viper with 5 mpg. lel

  • Manuel Vilaça

    Manuel Vilaça

    3 years ago

    Guillaume Laplanche yes, 55-60 in normal driving, 42 pedal on the floor all the time

  • detaart
    detaart3 years ago

    This thing has a bad bearing, bent valve(s), or some really really worn bores. Doesn't sound right ... even for a pos 2cv

  • Péter Bonnez
    Péter Bonnez3 years ago

    Great film - thanks I enjoyed that

  • dithunder
    dithunder3 years ago

    Leyton mobile

  • Diogo Almeida
    Diogo Almeida3 years ago

    My Mehari is cooler! XD

  • Tomasz Urbanski
    Tomasz Urbanski3 years ago

    it's spitting fire at 3:45 ! that's a proper supercar :)

  • Λογος Λογος

    Λογος Λογος

    2 years ago

    Tomasz Urbanski The motor is a boxer, with oil cooling. How one can be more sporty than that?

  • TheOtherGTGeek


    2 years ago

    That's a properly tuned 2CV

  • HubNut
    HubNut3 years ago

    Ha! Nice to see a bit of hooning, and others discovering the 2CV magic.

  • Dimitrios BXL
    Dimitrios BXL3 years ago

    I think this is the BEST video ever from you guys. Thank you, you made my day :-)

  • Threetails
    Threetails3 years ago

    The fuel mileage is great, but it's more like 50 mpg.

  • Robbie Elvin
    Robbie Elvin3 years ago

    Driving an old, slow, car as fast as it will go is a lot of fun.

  • Claire Bannister
    Claire Bannister3 years ago

    I used to rent these out in the 80's to aussis and kiwis who had come to Europe to do a tour.. never had 1 breakdown.

  • Hubert Le Van Gong
    Hubert Le Van Gong3 years ago

    So funny :)

  • King K. Ripple
    King K. Ripple3 years ago

    I hate to be 'that guy' but you don't actually need to travel 78 miles to acheive 78 mpg.

  • MGA
    MGA3 years ago

    3:32 DON'T BREAK !!! 😂😂😂👍🏻

  • Andy Dufresne
    Andy Dufresne3 years ago

    My ancestors came from Quebec, and I always thought I was nearly completely French until recently having my DNA ancestry done and learning I am more British than I am French, probably thanks to the British invading Quebec. My sense of humor now makes so much more sense to me, and I can stop trying to force myself to like Citroens and finally admit how much I love British cars. What a relief.

  • Λογος Λογος

    Λογος Λογος

    2 years ago

    Andy Dufresne On the other hand you still have to listen to Dyane Dufresne. My condoleances.

  • ianiva
    ianiva3 years ago

    This was more fun than I expected it to be!

  • Pandamasque
    Pandamasque3 years ago

    How come it has such modern seat belts?!

  • Λογος Λογος

    Λογος Λογος

    2 years ago

    Pan Damasque It's a 80s production, complyant with the safety rules of that area.

  • Verbose Slayer
    Verbose Slayer3 years ago

    Citroen 2CV Fiat 500 Morris Mini Subaru 360 Volkswagen Beetle Ford Falcon w/ i6 Moskvitch-402 Now theres a drag race I'd like to see. The Post-war drag race.

  • Hüseyin Uğur Alacatli

    Hüseyin Uğur Alacatli

    22 hours ago

    @Szymon Gorczynski fiat 126 bis

  • Szymon Gorczynski

    Szymon Gorczynski

    4 months ago

    Fiat 126p

  • Verbose Slayer

    Verbose Slayer

    5 months ago

    @Peter Peter no I live in a real country

  • Peter Peter

    Peter Peter

    5 months ago

    @J HNV. are you my half apple???

  • Peter Peter

    Peter Peter

    5 months ago

    are you argentinian?

  • Isaac Main
    Isaac Main3 years ago

    The is the best supercar review ever.

  • Sérgio André
    Sérgio André3 years ago

    Driving a 2CV is an adventure but, wherever you stop, it's a gathering for them to take pictures! I LOVE mine (1969).

  • Paul S.
    Paul S.3 years ago

    You called it the 'Deux cheveux' instead of 'Deux chevaux'. You basically called it the 'two hairs' instead of 'two horses'. Still, I really appreciate your channel, great work.

  • Λογος Λογος

    Λογος Λογος

    2 years ago

    Paul S. A bald guy calling that car ''deux cheveux" is hilarious though.

  • MrSparklespring


    2 years ago

    Was thinking the same! Lol. Not an 'eu' but an 'o' sound!

  • Geoff Dearth

    Geoff Dearth

    2 years ago

    You're lucky they were that close.

  • Aaron Elliott
    Aaron Elliott3 years ago

    Really like this one Alex, Supercars are goon and all, but more of this quirky stuff please !

  • RandyG7
    RandyG73 years ago

    Great video! Pity it won't get many views because it isn't a six figure supercar.

  • cripple horse
    cripple horse3 years ago

    "I am used to driving less peasanty things, supercars with big engines" Well, you drive those supercars slower than I used to drive my 2CV.

  • M. I. Fadhil
    M. I. Fadhil3 years ago

    Carfection's regular reviews are good, but weird stuff like this really brings out their best. This is even better than many Top Gear segments.

  • Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin

    Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin

    3 years ago

    No, not Top Gear. It should be that Amazon Prime show.

  • naveen nani
    naveen nani3 years ago

    2CV through the country roads of Belgium..... best experience of my life .....

  • Vitárius László
    Vitárius László3 years ago

    look at the flames :) what a monster

  • Azhar Golamaully
    Azhar Golamaully3 years ago

    i was waiting for this video

  • Sean Taylor
    Sean Taylor3 years ago

    Sacre Bleu!

  • pbfloyd13
    pbfloyd133 years ago

    backfire at 3:45!!!

  • Wil Thieme
    Wil Thieme3 years ago

    not to be that guy but a plowed field is very different than that rolling lawn you drove on...

  • quadturbo4
    quadturbo43 years ago

    So does the guy with the lady scarf sometimes drive supercars or not?

  • sean miranda
    sean miranda3 years ago

    Very nice video. Keep up the good work

  • Stuart Wright
    Stuart Wright3 years ago

    That was not a ploughed field. It was a flat piece of grass. If you are going to present us with this kind of content, then please at least give us some acknowledgement of intelligence. You could have at least said, 'We can't use a ploughed field but this will have to do'.

  • Thomas Caswell
    Thomas Caswell3 years ago

    do fiat 500 next

  • towers
    towers3 years ago

    could you review a Datsun 1200? great video! What a supercar!

  • UniversityOfTurmoil
    UniversityOfTurmoil3 years ago

    I used to work with a chap who had a 2CV, whenever you drove at motorway speeds (it was one of the later models so could just about get to 70mph) the front windows would pop open and flap in the breeze until you slowed down when they would slam shut. It was however an excellent summer car with the full canvas roof.

  • The Oliver Pickard
    The Oliver Pickard3 years ago

    1million smiles per gallon

  • Silverback
    Silverback3 years ago

    The car in the video is my car, I'm returning to 2CV's after 21 years, having had plenty of other cars in-between. Let me tell you these cars are brilliant, simply for how much fun you have driving them and getting 10-10ths out of everything. The brakes are powerful and it weighs as much as a crisp packet compared to just about everything else on the road, it's a conserving momentum late braking machine! In modern traffic you get to have a good thrash and you're still doing relatively 'sane' speeds, they are not 'slow'. Instead they are a total laugh to drive fast, buy one while you still can, these things are appreciating.

  • The_Touring Jedi

    The_Touring Jedi

    Year ago

    Same as Renault 4 my very first driving lessons. Renault 4 have bad brakes but the engine is bulletproff, it consume very little and it can be really beaten it is still going to run.

  • thriftyworld


    2 years ago

    video ref :

  • thriftyworld


    2 years ago

    was watching a 2cv dolly project earlier and they went through the gears and what not... the guy said he'd been driving an automatic audi s3 for 6 months inbetween and seemed ecstatic to be in it again. apparently they handle like driving a bathtub full of water

  • Swordie100


    2 years ago

    So true, all of these little classics, especially in Europe, are gaining interest, once again.

  • Alfie


    3 years ago

    I've got one, had it for two years now. I'm glad I'm not the only one saying it, the prices are definitely going up, you can't get a decent one for under 5 grand anymore, 10 even if you want a showroom car.

  • TheGreatLoco
    TheGreatLoco3 years ago

    Compared to the Beatle, it was way better engineered.

  • Ilan


    3 years ago

    Because Volkswagen expanded nto a multinational and sold then in Latin America, specially Mexico and Brasil. countries there was no alternative to the big American cars, so these countries were captive markets. I have had the two, Beetle and 2CV. The 2CV is far better engineered: better suspensions, better brakes, far better handling (the beetle is a death trap on wet, snowed or icy road while you're having fun with a 2CV in these conditions) so the 2 CV is safer, good off road ability, far more comfortable, four doors, good seats behind for adults, plenty of room, has a true trunk with a rear door, you could take out in a minute the back seat and charge it like a mule (I took once 6 bulks of 50kg of cement, 300 kg for 10 miles with no problem, and I do not count the number of times I took 8 feet planks, fridges, chairs, boxes, etc...), better mileage, easier to repair and maintain. And more reliable. The Beetle had serious cooling problems in hot climate, and was a piston rings eater. There is no possible comparison in practical every day use between the 2CV and the Beetle, even to park it in a tight place. Other proofs; hundreds maybe thousands of 2CV have made very long travels in very harsh conditions like crossing the Sahara, or South America by the Andes mountains. The Paris Kathmandu was a classic travel; I know at least five guys who did it. It has been used for cross and off road competition with no modifications and even a few 2CV race nowadays with BMW motorcycle engines,and stiffer suspensions. If you try to race a Beetle with a 120 HP engine at the same place as the original with the same gearbox and brakes and just stiffer suspensions you're a dead man at the first curve.

  • TheGreatLoco


    3 years ago

    Erik Hertzer Because it's not just the product, also the distribution, publicity and price. The Germans and Japanese automakers are the masters of marketing. Today Germans will sell you the engineering at 2X or 3X the price. And the Japanese will sell you the dependability and cheap parts. Which in both cases is mostly smoke and mirrors. In the case of the beatle, they were selling the hippy counter culture, dependable, cheap parts car, depending on the market. Then, VW unlike Citroën was well established in countries like Brazil, Mexico and the US, which accounted for huge parts of beatle sales.

  • Erik Hertzer

    Erik Hertzer

    3 years ago

    TheGreatLoco ...then why didnt they build and sell over 23 million of them, like the beetle?

  • Samuel Ribeiro
    Samuel Ribeiro3 years ago

    Is it jus me or is the audio of each car fection video kind of muted?

  • James Fonda
    James Fonda3 years ago

    the whole purpose of this video was to make Alex look silly I bet

  • Andrew K. NI
    Andrew K. NI3 years ago

    Fantastic review of the 2CV. If only such a characterful and basic car were available today. Citroen Cactus perhaps??

  • Andrew K. NI

    Andrew K. NI

    3 years ago

    Couldn't agree more. You're so lucky to have such an immaculate example. Happy and joyful motoring :-)

  • Silverback


    3 years ago

    I agree with you absolutely. The car in the video is my car and whilst we were there driving around we spoke of this. Where is this car's modern equivalent today? It's just the sort of car we should be driving, it's simplicity and pureness are two of it's most endearing qualities, sustainable. It's also a total laugh to drive fast :-)

  • Patrick Lawson
    Patrick Lawson3 years ago

    Oh 2cv, I love you so much!

  • FasterthaMyou
    FasterthaMyou3 years ago

    Tbh, I thought this was going to suck. I actually learned some things. ;-)