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The 2021 Citroen C4 is an eye-catching new car that boasts a mixture of hatchback, crossover and SUV styling. It’s the first Citroen to be offered with a choice of petrol, diesel and electric powertrains, with the electric e-C4 model capable of more than 200 miles of range. When the new C4 arrives next year, it will have a wide range of rivals, including the Mazda3, Ford Focus Active and the Kia XCeed.
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  • pleased to meet you hope you guess my name
    pleased to meet you hope you guess my name5 days ago

    Ones Citroen always Citroen.....nice looking car C4👍

  • Tony Young
    Tony Young10 days ago

    I'm looking for my new car on Disability I've seen this on listings I'm really wanting one it's a gorgeous looking car will definitely have to go a have a look at one and take it for a test drive 👍👍

  • Paul cruickshank
    Paul cruickshank16 days ago

    Why do all car manufacturers slap a stupid big tablet on top of the dashboard. It looks like an afterthought. Tacky and cheap.

  • Mike Su
    Mike Su19 days ago

    very good design, love it, hope it will come to China soon...

  • Benjamin Johnsen
    Benjamin Johnsen21 day ago

    Where are the regular videos with live reviews of the cars? Plz tell me🤨

  • Dasindu Senaratne
    Dasindu SenaratneMonth ago

    Is carbuyer finished or something? ?🤔🤔

  • Goodgam3190


    Month ago

    Yep I think so

  • Ag Stoul
    Ag StoulMonth ago

    What's the price of ec4??

    RAMAZAN UYSALMonth ago

    good job.

  • Daniel Teixeira
    Daniel TeixeiraMonth ago

    I was not a fan of citroen until I saw this car. Damn. It really stands out. Or people will love it, or will hate it.

  • gilvan rocha
    gilvan rochaMonth ago


  • Green Maskass
    Green Maskass2 months ago

    Thank you Citroën for bringing back knobs and physical buttons on the C4!

  • Andrea Bastari
    Andrea Bastari2 months ago

    Molto bella. Da affezionato Citroen e possedendo una C5, la trovo accattivante e sportiva. Mi piacerebbe una C4 elettrica. Complimenti Citroen!!!

    HELP ME GET 1M SUBSCRIBERS2 months ago

    The front looking like if it has a skin problem

  • AssRamming FatPeople
    AssRamming FatPeople2 months ago

    The car is gorgeous, or at least it would've been if it weren't for that hideous rear end. A regular square hatchback would've been perfect.

  • Red35 Photography
    Red35 Photography2 months ago

    Not car related, who edited this video? Very amateurish and rather than reusing clips of the same shots, why not have a guy actually standing next to it and talk about it? It's very boring video, visually. Though the visual of the car is, in contrast, pretty refreshing.

  • The Truth
    The Truth2 months ago

    I wish I hated this car, but I love it! This is VERY bad news for my bank account :-(

  • IMHO
    IMHO2 months ago

    Front design is horrible/

  • Erik H
    Erik H2 months ago

    the french brands are starting to get their styling back together again, this looks awesome

  • Carlos GM

    Carlos GM

    2 months ago

    I agree...

  • Malte Fester
    Malte Fester2 months ago

    Cockpit looks like it already did not age well. It's a shame. I like the rest of the car

  • Ashraf Hassan
    Ashraf Hassan2 months ago

    As always. . Citroen beautiful designs. But I think a 16-inch wheel will look bad on it!🙄

  • gas-powered-crusader
    gas-powered-crusader2 months ago

    Looks good but I miss Citroen sedans.

  • Viktor Mitan
    Viktor Mitan2 months ago

    Why are the tires so fking narrow?? They are like the tires on a little 2004 c3...

  • sirkastic
    sirkastic2 months ago

    What a terrible looking car. I prefer cars that Don't look like they've been in a car crash before they've been driven off the forecourt

  • francesco fiaschi

    francesco fiaschi

    2 months ago

    bro if you want a sporty looking car you have already plenty of options... this is something different

  • Dr Yuks
    Dr Yuks2 months ago

    Nio Copy

  • oh lawd
    oh lawd2 months ago

    The headlights are too thin but the rest of the car is nice

  • Martin Jones
    Martin Jones2 months ago

    So you didn’t think to mention Citroen heritage cues in the styling?

  • nithan gnanm
    nithan gnanm2 months ago

    Please do a video about top 10 automatic hatchback cars of 2020

  • Acero Woodberry
    Acero Woodberry2 months ago

    Im sick of every sloped back SUV beig described as a "coupé"

  • M. Pascholder
    M. Pascholder2 months ago

    Nice Car, a real Citroen, i like this design

  • Testron Neon
    Testron Neon2 months ago

    Made in france bad bad bad. do not buy french goods. Because france is colonialist

  • w7class
    w7class2 months ago

    Savage design!.. ...but in Honda they do it better!..

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas2 months ago

    Would be nice if they offered a more sporty version echoing their original 'by loeb' C4, still the go to c4 for any petrol head all these years later.

  • adrian coelho
    adrian coelho2 months ago

    The design is far too busy. It looks like a piece of A4 paper that has been scrunched up and left to unravel. They are trying too hard. I don't like this design language at all. As Coco Chanel said. "before leaving the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off".

  • William Hodgson
    William Hodgson2 months ago

    I’m not as excited by this as I was with the Cactus. It may grow on me in time.

  • Gayan Abeysinghe
    Gayan Abeysinghe3 months ago

    I dont know i feel something strange from the back , CH-R style ? Maybe im wrong , looks damn good though ❤️



    2 months ago

    Indeed a chr copy

  • Ivan Mikulić

    Ivan Mikulić

    2 months ago

    Had a same feeling. CH-R style.

  • Albert Du Plessis
    Albert Du Plessis3 months ago

    To be honest I think my 2005 C4 interior still looks better, it just needed a touchscreen.

  • Andrei Piatra

    Andrei Piatra

    2 months ago

    I have one from 2006 to this day, and it's truly wonderful. Cheap to maintain, nothing major breaks if you take minimum care of it, and very comfortable.

  • Ismael Pizzi
    Ismael Pizzi3 months ago

    Fiat Toro?

  • A L L M I I
    A L L M I I3 months ago


  • سيحاسبني ربي يوم القيامة
    سيحاسبني ربي يوم القيامة3 months ago

    moche ! vraiment moche ! y'a pas d'art!

  • Spurs Man
    Spurs Man3 months ago

    Quite the looker! Bravo Citroen! This will be a big seller.

  • life is fair
    life is fair3 months ago

    Front lights are still ugly.....but good effort overall

  • Abradolf Lincler
    Abradolf Lincler3 months ago


  • Berkeley Cole
    Berkeley Cole3 months ago

    Walter White drives this car in Breaking Bad.....Pontiac Aztek resurrected.....awful Citroen

  • Imperial Valley
    Imperial Valley3 months ago


  • Ben Kelly -
    Ben Kelly -3 months ago

    I love this but I think they should have gone with wider wheels, those look too thin to me😅😅

  • Sam Durling

    Sam Durling

    3 months ago

    Agreed.. Look like the tyres on my vw up!!

  • Aaton Naa
    Aaton Naa3 months ago

    Ugly car

  • Andrei Piatra

    Andrei Piatra

    2 months ago

    Yeap, have the older C4 coupe from 2006, wouldn't trade it for the 2020 version.

  • Vakas M
    Vakas M3 months ago

    This is just a add for citroen!

  • Ferenc Tóth
    Ferenc Tóth3 months ago

    What is the price difference between the gasoline and the electric variants?

  • BuildersM8
    BuildersM83 months ago

    No rear wiper?

  • Roland TROUILLOT
    Roland TROUILLOT3 months ago

    Really beautiful ❤

  • Toshiyuki Okamura

    Toshiyuki Okamura

    3 months ago

    Roland TROUILLO

  • Linux Lucy
    Linux Lucy3 months ago

    God Damn ... That is UUUUUUGLY ! !

  • Denis Sliskovic
    Denis Sliskovic3 months ago


  • Jacques Du Plessis
    Jacques Du Plessis3 months ago

    Better looking than DS

  • Ali Hachem
    Ali Hachem3 months ago

    Its a copy of the mitsubishi eqlipse cross

  • JDM guy
    JDM guy3 months ago

    That looks atrocious. What drugs are Citroëns designers on? Their whole range looks terrible.

  • JDM guy

    JDM guy

    3 months ago

    @Gyorgy Zoltan My vision is 100% thanks for asking. I have voiced my opinion above - which I am entitled to. However, it appears to have upset you....

  • Gyorgy Zoltan

    Gyorgy Zoltan

    3 months ago

    Need some glasses mate? Take a look at crapwagon , then come back and comment. Pssssst 🤫🤫

  • Vitor Augusto
    Vitor Augusto3 months ago

    Nice model. I like the Back, but that front! WTF, look that front lights.... so ugly.

  • Luis Coelho
    Luis Coelho3 months ago

    Hate those thin tyres...

  • Arnold Tabor
    Arnold Tabor3 months ago

    So they dont have a nice hatchback hatchback... 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ not a fan of completely replacing hatchbacks with hatchback SUVs

  • Jeremy Lister
    Jeremy Lister3 months ago

    Phew! Citroen finally ditch touchscreen heating controls! Yay!! This car looks good. Design issues for me are no manual handbrake (feel, confidence, fun), spoiler across rear window and just a 50kwh battery. This is disappointing considering the competition. 65kwh should really be a minimum. Hopefully this will get a bigger battery soon. Will UK version will have full size glovebox? Fingers crossed. That apart, looks like a winner. Tentatively, well done Citroen (never thought I'd say that) ! Await full review of UK model, and... Prices!

  • Rick M
    Rick M3 months ago

    Where the VW PR Blitz freight train bombarded the airwaves with 'ID' teasers, the E-C4 shows how it can be done.

  • Rick M
    Rick M3 months ago

    The Toyota C-HR found 400.000 EU buyers in 3,5 years. This means 'quirkiness' sells. The Cit likely will better the Toyota in roominess, comfort and, with sibling Peugeot awared UK's most Reliable Brand by JD Power, quality of the C4 III will be just as good.

  • Bugside almighty
    Bugside almighty3 months ago


  • Planes Trains & Dogs n Cars
    Planes Trains & Dogs n Cars3 months ago

    Looks like the design language that Citroen has been promising for the new C5..anyone know of the launch date for that ?..its always been toted sometime in 2020.

  • Ian’smotors andlife
    Ian’smotors andlife3 months ago

    Still gonna look terrible when it inevitably breaks down at the side of the road like all shitroens.

  • Richard Stephens
    Richard Stephens3 months ago


  • Gabriele Lucii
    Gabriele Lucii3 months ago


  • blakaeg
    blakaeg3 months ago

    As much as I love my Citroen C4 Coupe. I don’t feel that these new models are very attractive. The C4 Cactus was nice and unusual. But these look too much like their competitors. I see too much Toyota in this design. Bring back the quirky Central Speedo, fixed hub steering wheel and sweep to centre windscreen wipers.

  • Andrei Piatra

    Andrei Piatra

    2 months ago

    I have the same C4 Coupe as you do. Brilliant car, mine is from 2006, in great condition, very cheap to maintain. I wouldn't trade it for the one presented here.

  • george.j. Downs

    george.j. Downs

    3 months ago

    Looks wayyyy more interesting than most of its rivals I think regardless of whether you like design

  • Beorn
    Beorn3 months ago

    I was put off as soon as I saw that dashboard, looks cheap.

  • Darthadios
    Darthadios3 months ago

    I think Citroën succeeded with the design, that is clearly like modern version of the classic GS. And that is billion times better looking than the Cactus with the cushions on the doors.

  • Martin Jones

    Martin Jones

    2 months ago

    I love the Cactus, I wanted a lime one in the first series.

  • Nick Schaafsma

    Nick Schaafsma

    3 months ago

    I drive a full black cactus, the airbumps dont stand out that much luckily. Still a good looking car

  • VolvoCars
    VolvoCars3 months ago

    Not bad at all. Quite exciting actually. That coupe style is better for efficiency and less good on practicality.

  • rolla
    rolla3 months ago

    Strange designs of Citroën 😒😒

  • Messy killer
    Messy killer3 months ago


  • Robert Remijnse
    Robert Remijnse3 months ago

    Superb voiture. Avant-garde design and engineering. Standing out of the teutonic crowd. Polarising and not every ones cup of thea. Vive la France and well done Citroën !

  • HW2800
    HW28003 months ago

    Where is Ginny?

  • Tommy Olsen
    Tommy Olsen3 months ago


  • Devil's .Breath
    Devil's .Breath3 months ago

    Not what you call pretty, but quite funky, it's what I like in Citroen

  • Mamun Abdulrahman Salafiyyah
    Mamun Abdulrahman Salafiyyah3 months ago

    It's so sad to see this channel is dying.

  • Planes Trains & Dogs n Cars

    Planes Trains & Dogs n Cars

    3 months ago

    @george.j. Downs James has moved on......and so have the rest .its going virtual ..not sure that will work.

  • george.j. Downs

    george.j. Downs

    3 months ago

    Bachelor is great but rest of presenters especially this one are way too average

  • fouskalini
    fouskalini3 months ago

    Sale numbers will... explode! LOL

  • Simone Willemse
    Simone Willemse3 months ago

    Those headlights are 🤮 everything else looks like a busy Chinese crossover. Glad Peugeot have their designs on point.

  • Arcraft Channel
    Arcraft Channel3 months ago


  • Eric Bury
    Eric Bury3 months ago

    Ugly, toyish, overcomplicated design...

  • Robi Eržen
    Robi Eržen3 months ago


  • Bertram Merlin
    Bertram Merlin3 months ago

    Gone downhill sence Mat, and just continue.....

  • PremierAutoMan86
    PremierAutoMan863 months ago

    Would like to see this in the US, possible now with the merger! (Stellantis) and its an SUV/Crossover so should be a shoo in.

  • george.j. Downs

    george.j. Downs

    3 months ago

    Probs won't happen but in U.S u got great cars like Lincoln's, Cadillacs & new Bronco which Europe doesn't get 😤

  • Fagashlil1234
    Fagashlil12343 months ago

    That is one ugly car, also the C4 nameplate seems a bit innapropriate for what appears to be an SUV crossover. They should have named it the Picasso or something

  • george.j. Downs

    george.j. Downs

    3 months ago

    Ikr it's kinda like new Puma or Mustang mke but I actually love the look of it- certainly stands out

  • T F
    T F3 months ago

    As reliable as the UK weather

  • blakaeg


    3 months ago

    Hang on a second? How do you know? Probably have never owned a Citroen to know what rubbish you typed on here. I’ve had Citroen for 16 years and both cars proven to be reliable and great to drive, so zip it!

  • Arjan Singh
    Arjan Singh3 months ago

    Not bad. Love how they focus on comfort more than anything else. Everything’s becoming too sporty nowadays. Nice to see the opposite. Would’ve liked this with a 2.0 Diesel though..

  • Bartosz Piwowarczyk

    Bartosz Piwowarczyk

    2 months ago

    Not everything has to be sporty mate سيحاسبني ربي يوم القيامة

  • سيحاسبني ربي يوم القيامة

    سيحاسبني ربي يوم القيامة

    3 months ago

    No its bad!

  • Isaac Lim
    Isaac Lim3 months ago

    I find it so ugly.... and I love it!

  • Connor George
    Connor George3 months ago

    I love the front but to me the rear is a weird mix match of a BMW X6, VW T Cross & Vauxhall Ampera

  • crazycrazysnakeman
    crazycrazysnakeman3 months ago

    Why have they turned it into one of those pointless suvs

  • george.j. Downs

    george.j. Downs

    3 months ago

    Cus SUVs sell brilliantly that's why



    3 months ago

    It isn't meant to be an SUV they still pitch it as a Golf rival

  • Mireaze
    Mireaze3 months ago

    I love the EV, but I wish it looked more like the first gen cactus

  • Jeremy Lister

    Jeremy Lister

    3 months ago

    Tend to agree, but cactus had no manual heating controls and those awful pop out rear windows.

  • Chris The Skyrander
    Chris The Skyrander3 months ago

    I miss my side air bumps xD

  • Dennis Papadopoulos
    Dennis Papadopoulos3 months ago

    By far the ugliest car made since 2005 or sth.

  • Stephen Young

    Stephen Young

    2 months ago

    Great looking Car this new C4. Just now needs to have opening Panaromic roof Please update this car to be better then any of the Air range of cars As Already drive Cactus. C4 , Would wiling upgrade to this new C4 Steve Young

  • Ty4ons
    Ty4ons3 months ago

    The official boot capacity is the same as competitors because it’s only measuring what’s below the parcel shelf. Boot space above that isn’t counted in those numbers so the sloping roof doesn’t change it. If you fill it up to the roof then it’ll be smaller than its competitors.

  • TFiPW
    TFiPW3 months ago

    I hope the PSA/FCA merger means we'll get this in the US

  • stephen10


    3 months ago

    @TFiPW oui , ça serait bien mais vous aimez les 4x4 pour l'hiver !

  • TFiPW


    3 months ago

    @stephen10 Maybe in Québec

  • stephen10


    3 months ago

    At least you 'll can say to your neighbour : He look , i drive a fantastic chic french chassis Citroên !

  • stephen10


    3 months ago

    You 'll have only the chassis electric or hybrid ... lol

  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel Evans3 months ago

    The big head lights look like that of the early 2000s Mustang

  • ram64man
    ram64man3 months ago

    That rear seat head height looks terrible

  • Andrew K. NI
    Andrew K. NI3 months ago

    A fantastic looking car. If the price was reasonable I would buy one :-)

  • Rui T

    Rui T

    3 months ago

    @stephen10 or wait 3 years for a new model with a much better look than this one

  • Andrew K. NI

    Andrew K. NI

    3 months ago

    @stephen10 good advice :-)

  • stephen10


    3 months ago

    wait 3 years for used car lol

  • madpadi
    madpadi3 months ago

    After owning 2 different Citroens I think this looks really nice and will be a potential for my 2021 car

  • Drone Tours
    Drone Tours3 months ago

    Real Twin exhausts BEAT THAT MERCEDES

  • george.j. Downs

    george.j. Downs

    3 months ago

    @Mamun Abdulrahman Salafiyyah WTF is wrong with this

  • Sherukka


    3 months ago

    Ahlus Sunnah Please learn to look at facts, leave feelings and hatred out. Thanks! 🙏

  • Drone Tours

    Drone Tours

    3 months ago

    @Mamun Abdulrahman Salafiyyah German cars you just pay for the name French is affordable simplicity (MOST OF THE TIME)

  • Mamun Abdulrahman Salafiyyah

    Mamun Abdulrahman Salafiyyah

    3 months ago

    I'd still take the Mercedes or audi over this French rubbish

  • Sherukka


    3 months ago

    ...and Audi!