1971 Citroën DS - Jay Leno's Garage

This car remains as innovative today as it was when it first hit the road in 1955. Jay changes its tire without a jack - and shares Citroën's truly weird advertisements.
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1971 Citroën DS - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage


    WOWTOMOBILE12 hours ago

    André Citroën the founder was saying "once an idea is good, the price doesn't matter", and after he died, the Michelin company, main owner Citroën, which was totally agreeing with this philosophy, continued to path the way in the same direction. Unfortunately, they invested so much money in developing the Wankel rotary engine in the 70's, meanwhile the petrol crisis arrived and they abandoned it. Then Peugeot , with a little help from the French Republic bought Citroën. Until the beginning of the 2000's, Peugeot (PSA Group) let Citroën did Citroën things, but nowadays, Citroëns are just sort of different Peugeot's. Let see in the future how it will be because Citroën released 2 years ago a totally new suspension with 20 new international patents. And the DS brand which is the luxurious Citroën brand will perhaps let us discover new innovations. Future will tell.

  • Vu Nhu
    Vu Nhu14 hours ago

    Ingat.... Ada allah....

  • Peter Pell
    Peter Pell18 hours ago

    As the owner of a 1971 Citroen DS I totally agree with your view of this car.

  • Ungur Dani
    Ungur Dani3 days ago


  • Mike Sierra
    Mike Sierra4 days ago

    Hi, thanks for your great videos! Greetings from France! I had a DS many years ago, il was already quite old but a great expeerience. This one looks like the ID 20 model we had in France because of the purely mechanical gear shift. The DS had this small lever just behind the steering wheel and a hydraulic gearbox. Do you know this?

  • Mark989
    Mark9898 days ago

    I would love to drive one, good review, thank's.

  • thierry rebillard
    thierry rebillard9 days ago

    citroen-video.info/goon/video/bMurpszIkoicaGg.html The era when France dominated the automobile in the world

  • Stephen Berry
    Stephen Berry11 days ago

    Fab review of fab car. The DS carries it spare under the hood in front of zee radiator. Also spare is in the engine bay of the 2CV, GS, and CX. I have owned 2 x ID, 4 x DS, 1 x ID20 Safari 7 seater with rear jump seats and aero dynamic roof rack with knurled anti whistle rubber on the leader edge. Even at 90 mph no wind whistle. Only zee French would do an aerodynamic wagon that self levelled no matter what loads put in the car. Also a very stable two car with long 123 inch wheelbase, centre point rack and pinion steering, squats

  • Stephen Berry

    Stephen Berry

    11 days ago

    Squats front and rear under heavy braking, when ordinary cars nose dive. Load proportioning valve to rear brakes as antilock rear brakes... All from 1955! Formidable machine.

  • R W
    R W13 days ago

    Nice car Jay! Growing up in Manhattan NY in the 70s, I would see these parked; they always made an impression on me. I love seeing them in Alain Delon French gangster films! He steals one in The Red Circle. Inspector Clouseau's car, called the Silver Hornet, is another Citroën model. I almost bought a new LeCar in the early 80s, not a Citroën but French! That thing looked dangerous to ride in!

  • Martin Kenny
    Martin Kenny13 days ago

    Nice car. Way beyond its time for looks. I nearly always like the older car designs - (but why did they put the steering wheel on the wrong side? )... only joking. I hope to get around to painting a picture of the Citroen DS in the future.

  • Foyorama OU812
    Foyorama OU81223 days ago

    I have to agree with Jay, it is probably the most comfortable car, for SUV I would say the old Grand Wagoneer from Jeep.

  • JakobusVdL
    JakobusVdL25 days ago

    Such a cool car! Brilliantly engineered, and styled

  • neletg
    neletgMonth ago

    To me is one of the most beautiful car ever made.

  • david hunt
    david huntMonth ago

    Great video !! Heard a lot about them and remember them when I was young !

  • MI YO
    MI YOMonth ago


    DONALD LITTONMonth ago

    Jay! The spare is supposed to go in the front, in front of the radiator! We had 5 Citroens!

  • Federico Riggio
    Federico RiggioMonth ago

    For me, the most difficult thing to comprehend is how may a person love so much extreme sports cars and at the same time normal widespreaded cars, like this one. It is like, he lives in his own world, where sometimes he takes a Ford GT and sometimes... a Citroen DS 😂. In Italy this car is often referred to as "the iron".

  • Roope Tapiola
    Roope TapiolaMonth ago

    When i get my driving license, i want a ds for my first car.

  • Michael Robson
    Michael RobsonMonth ago

    images.app.goo.gl/gpRAmqdd6HfEAAXL7 I'm probably not the first to post this. I'd like to have the video and the music to complete the image. What a car!

  • Patrick Galvaing
    Patrick GalvaingMonth ago

    19:19 Once General de Gaulle's driver replaced the DS by another car, the General said "would you pls bring MY car"

  • Acd1234m Dorreder
    Acd1234m DorrederMonth ago

    You should try XM before facelifting.

  • Tony Michaels
    Tony MichaelsMonth ago

    A home mechanic’s nightmare. Special tool needed to empty the ashtray.

  • hari andujar
    hari andujarMonth ago

    Growing up in Haiti in the 70s we had quite a few of those, and puff they disappeared, I believed the French brought them and shipped them back to France,,

  • Fastbikkel
    FastbikkelMonth ago

    My dad had one in the eighties and i went along as a kid. It had a handcrank which, for me, was the biggest selling point. ;-)

  • German Rodrigo Santamónica
    German Rodrigo SantamónicaMonth ago

    The mentalist car

  • Ram Shaar
    Ram ShaarMonth ago

    Agree its a real beauty.

  • calvacoca
    calvacocaMonth ago

    Now french are making cars for "the European market". Cars that as many people as possible, with so different cultures, should like. Aseptised cars, unfortunately. So no more cars that people could love...

  • radudeATL
    radudeATLMonth ago

    “Here, take a look at the commercial.” YT: Walmart ad plays

  • Ungur Dani

    Ungur Dani

    4 hours ago


  • jackpontiac52
    jackpontiac52Month ago

    Would like to share this to Facebook, but Facebook says this video is offensive to others on Facebook ! WTF is going on here?

  • Jurgen Blick
    Jurgen BlickMonth ago

    You are still funny Jay

  • Marc CAN
    Marc CANMonth ago

    DS is the best car ever built!

  • Summer Lake Photog
    Summer Lake PhotogMonth ago

    Three pages into reading The Day of the Jackal I thought that I would check out Jay’s channel to see if he reviewed a Citroen. Sure enough, Jay should have issued a spoiler alert! LOL

  • yamahonkawazuki
    yamahonkawazukiMonth ago

    a friend of mine had one it was primered with a decal on the window which said it may be ugly but its paid for and its in front of you. jay wasnt kidding it is COMFY. if i had more than one leg id get one.

  • yamahonkawazuki
    yamahonkawazukiMonth ago

    Citroen. making hydraulic suspension popular before lowriders got ahold of it

  • Pablo Schless
    Pablo SchlessMonth ago

    Great for driving to the Café for a dish of Frog Legs, Escargot, or la viande de cheval (horse meat steak).

  • gino
    ginoMonth ago

    a fluid acting as a spring can only be a gas ... fluid is a too generic word ... also a magician can have a fluid ...


    very good

  • Massimo Mandelli
    Massimo MandelliMonth ago

    Flaminio Bertoni is the Italian Designer of DS

  • Roel Siebrand
    Roel Siebrand2 months ago

    I've got an idea for you, Jay. I agree the engine is a bit of a let down while the rest of the car is brilliant. I had a DS 23 injection and the engine was alright but also quite sluggish for a 2.3. So I had this idea (but by far not the means): why not marry a DS with the Maserati 6 cylinder form the SM. Then you would have the ultimate DS. And a great conversation piece.

  • Jake Engdahl
    Jake Engdahl2 months ago

    when you look at cars like this built that long ago, it makes most if not all newer more “innovative” cars manufacturers look bad.

  • Jan Lievens
    Jan Lievens2 months ago

    My Favorite car of all time

  • Anna Rive
    Anna Rive2 months ago

    Jay Leno is a Taurus man! He says it as it is.

  • heinz ryckoort
    heinz ryckoort2 months ago

    i mis the sphere's suspention. hope one manufacturer re-install them.unbeateble.

  • AnTman Tonio
    AnTman Tonio2 months ago

    European engineering on production of these classic vintage cars, as these, were the absolute best. Beautiful cars these French, Swedish and Germans cars! Thanks Joe Leno for the fond memories. Shalom!

  • Philippe Lallemand
    Philippe Lallemand2 months ago

    There is indeed a 5 speed DS, the D Super was available (1970-75) with the DS21 2175 cc engine and a 5-speed gearbox, and named the D Super 5. We had a blue metallic one when I was a kid. Before that we had had a dark green DS 20, a white DS 19 and a light blue ID 19. What a great Car!

  • Philip Vaticano
    Philip Vaticano2 months ago

    Thanks Jay, you made my day...

  • Olivier Schdanoff
    Olivier Schdanoff2 months ago

    There were a time buying a car was like buying a piece of that country the car design originated... Nowadays, all the car look the same like if trying to make it "german"...Sad! Italian, French, german, swedish, British, american...all had a truly specific DNA... Sad to see german pretending to make british (Mini)...that's not DNA, that's marketing! Always good to listen to you, Jay, talking with passion! Btw, if you're ready for a short french lesson, DS is pronounced in french "Day S" (not Di S), same way to pronounce the french word "Déesse", meaning "Goddess". And that car was "THE" goddess on the French roads for 20 years!

  • Lapsus Revealer
    Lapsus Revealer2 months ago

    quelle voiture !

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott2 months ago

    The springs were pressurised gas spheres, but the connection to the road was hydraulic. The struts extended to set the ride height. Full ride height was with the hydraulics pumped right up. The ride height self adjusted, so would not change as gas spheres lost pressure. Eventually however the ride would go hard so you'd know it needed new spheres.

  • John Sheridan
    John Sheridan2 months ago

    Jay, how is Citroen so excellent and Renault such crap?

  • John Sheridan
    John Sheridan2 months ago

    I've always loved these cars. We had a dealership close to my home. I knew that it was special back in 1968-69. I couldn't convince my parents that we needed one.

  • suburbans nation
    suburbans nation2 months ago

    That music in the French commercial for suspension... Whatta fk is wrong with those people..

  • Mark -
    Mark -2 months ago

    My father had one of these when we lived in Germany. Was quite the car and rode like it was on pillows.

  • sylvain croteau
    sylvain croteau2 months ago

    Interesting you comment the chevron gear logo. It was from a Citroen participation in a company called CMD (Citroen, Messian, Durand) with still produces very high quality industrial gearboxes. They also have a sister company Ferry Capitain who are cutting some of the largest ring gears for mining and cement industry.

  • raf
    raf2 months ago

    Beautifull and very confortable....

  • thomas aquinas
    thomas aquinas2 months ago

    It was futuristic in the 1950's, the 60's, the 70's and even today in 2020. The Citroen DS looks about contemporary, even causing some to ask when it's coming out into production. One day we might catch up to it...

  • Thierry Guth
    Thierry Guth2 months ago

    As a french guy learned about this car on an american channel ! Great time watching this video and your passion by the way. Many thanks !

  • unanonymous person
    unanonymous person2 months ago

    can drive on 3 wheels

  • Keyser


    2 months ago


  • Andrea Santaniello
    Andrea Santaniello2 months ago

    I see one of these every day in my small hometown in Italy, what a pice.

  • Ungur Dani

    Ungur Dani

    4 hours ago


  • Denis Martuscelli
    Denis Martuscelli2 months ago


  • CoswerMusic
    CoswerMusic2 months ago

    He doesn't even give a flying monkey, and he never was a car expert, but 3 million worshipers he has...this world makes sense.

  • Silviu Stefan
    Silviu Stefan2 months ago

    It is still a beautiful and modern looking car !

  • Oliver Kalamata
    Oliver Kalamata2 months ago

    Tony Montana sure didn't have a comfortable ride in one...

  • Willy Ustad
    Willy Ustad2 months ago

    I drove a 68-model (ID 19) for ten years. Loved it!

  • Cliffi Cliff
    Cliffi Cliff2 months ago

    this car really is incredebly comfortable to ride, if you get the chance, you should try it !

  • mike holme
    mike holme2 months ago

    That commercial is hilarious. I expected Salvador Dali to step out of it.

  • Chris W
    Chris W2 months ago

    In national lampoon's european vacation clark drives a funny looking car.I am not sure but I think it was a Citroen.

  • Peder-Willem Gertsen
    Peder-Willem Gertsen2 months ago

    Seen some concept art of a new rendition of the DS Citroën is planning to market. Motor will be electrical, I believe. Looks sensational, just like the original!

  • Dirk Van Troyen
    Dirk Van Troyen2 months ago

    HON HON HON! Haha!

  • Vincent C
    Vincent C2 months ago

    There are a lot of DS in american movies. Try to find them !. I give you two : Back to the future 2 and The last Samaritan.

  • GreenWeeney
    GreenWeeney2 months ago

    I love the duck

  • ak forge
    ak forge2 months ago

    Thanks for the education Jay, I love films set in Europe from that era and have always wondered about these uniquely French automobiles. 👍🏻

  • lukespack
    lukespack2 months ago

    You have such great stories.

  • LeZizu Resistance
    LeZizu Resistance2 months ago

    DS = déesse = goddess 😉

  • Kristine B. McAnelly
    Kristine B. McAnelly2 months ago

    My Dad bought a Citroen. I remember leaving Silly Putty in the rear window space. Melted during lunch after church.

  • nikola lasta
    nikola lasta2 months ago

    6:58 - 7:00 needs 1 hour loop

  • Oldenweery
    Oldenweery2 months ago

    In my early 20s I worked the Third Shift at a full service gas station. One very chilly morning (2:30am!) a DS nosed in to the northeast pump island, the customer told me, "Fill 'er up," as he got out and went into the station for Cancer Sticks, leaving the motor running and the heater working overtime. I recognized the car, as I was driving little foreign sedans (Renault 4CV, followed by a '58 English Ford Anglia), but though I'd read about the suspension system, I wasn't really prepared for the beast's reaction to having gasolene poured in while the engine was running! It started moving like a rowboat after a Chris-Craft had passed. He returned as I was sealing her back up, stopped and with a faint smile asked if I was okay. I told him I didn't think she liked having cold gas dropped in her tank. Stay safe, everybody.

  • Max Private
    Max Private2 months ago

    No French fry dispenser?

  • Jerome Lenovo
    Jerome Lenovo2 months ago

    2:16 a citroen CX is pretty confortable too, same technology

  • Jerome Lenovo
    Jerome Lenovo2 months ago

    1:38 even battlestar galactica used one by the way, DS is a pun ... "déesse" meaning goddess.

    FREEMAN2 months ago

    De Gaulle who was a natural born soldier fought both WWI and WWII. He's been targeted many times. After they tried to kill him while he was in the DS and one bullet almost hit him in the head, he said : "These guys can't shoot".

  • Phil Broeders
    Phil Broeders2 months ago

    Only the French could have developed that car

  • Dionisio Louro
    Dionisio Louro2 months ago

    We call it in Portugal “ Boca de Sapo” meaning toad’s mouth.

  • duc tri tran
    duc tri tran3 months ago

    In Vietnam you find them in many model ds13,15, 17 .... I love them and admire them . The French bring them to Vietnam and this is rich man car .

  • Thomas Campbell
    Thomas Campbell3 months ago

    It's great how Jay describes and shows the car. Makes you feel like you're on a Sunday afternoon cruise with him.

  • CrakerJack
    CrakerJack3 months ago


  • Chrisamos412
    Chrisamos4123 months ago

    We moved to the UK from ‘71 - ‘76 when I was a kid, my father bought a Citroen, it was an awesome car! He always regretted not bringing it back to the states, he was told he’d never get parts for it. Oh well!

  • Dan Hill
    Dan Hill3 months ago

    JAY Please do a video with your 2CV.

  • BMA IE
    BMA IE3 months ago

    My absolute favourite episode . These Citroën were reserved for the creme de la creme in the "Little Paris" ( Bucharest),back in the day. Used to see them being a kid in Bucharest.

  • Mr. lippmann
    Mr. lippmann3 months ago

    Thank you Jay. Beautiful car. Cheers from Paris

  • Elliot Martin
    Elliot Martin3 months ago

    I was watching "Back to the Future Part II" the other day, and lo and behold... the taxi driver that drops Biff off at Marty's house is driving... a Citroen DS.

  • Gaming Kanális

    Gaming Kanális

    2 months ago

    Wow thanks, good to know!

  • Mark Olsen
    Mark Olsen3 months ago

    I rode back and fort to community college for two years in a renault r-10. French cars are weird, but interesting

  • howard boucher
    howard boucher3 months ago

    Jay you need a Museum charge big money

  • Lowbarr Kate
    Lowbarr Kate3 months ago

    Made from outer space

  • Charles M. Ogle
    Charles M. Ogle3 months ago

    Another great French vehicle 🚗! Mike from Missouri 😀🚗😘

  • TheMrBennito
    TheMrBennito3 months ago

    Jay worked hard, yet still not a favorite of all those talk hosts making millions. Yet for Jay I gladly make an exception. He collects great cars and is very knowledgeable. A joy for car lovers to follow his channel, very entertaining! As a kid, in Holland, we sometimes were picked up by our uncle, he had a DS and he really pushed the car :) The floating experience is something I'll never forget!

  • Alex Morgan
    Alex Morgan3 months ago

    My Dad had one of these. The first night he took me and my sister for a ride and she threw up in the back.

  • Jim Haines
    Jim Haines3 months ago

    The Citroen double Chevron logo is Twin Herring Bone gears because he had earlier company Andre owned before cars

  • Cory Boyd
    Cory Boyd3 months ago

    My dad had one, also two SM models

  • mark heyne
    mark heyne3 months ago

    I loved the Citroen advert, only that atonal music is worthless. MAybe a few seconds would be useful, but there are lots of futuristic bands from the 60's like Soft Machine, Can, Flloyd, etc Visually, the advert could easily be a film-school Nouvelle Vague pastiche.