1970 Maserati-powered Citroen SM - is it Wise to Meet your Heroes?

Exclusive review of this sensational Maserati powered Citroen SM.
As a young boy, the Citroen SM was one of Kevin Haggarthy’s ultimate dream cars. In this video he drives the real thing to see if it matches up to the dream.
Introduced in 1970, this car was unique - not only for its exceptional design and aerodynamics, but as the first Citroen to be powered by a Maserati engine.
As well as inheriting unique Citroen features of the time such as hydraulic self-levelling suspension, it also introduced a number of ‘firsts’ in production car history. They say you should never meet your heroes, but maybe the Citroen SM may well prove this maxim wrong...
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  • jean-marie zeyen
    jean-marie zeyenDay ago

    piece of advice ! try a C6 3L hdi 240 hp...you would be enchanted in the same way, if not more... 😜

  • Nico Smit
    Nico Smit5 days ago

    Lovely nostalgia, growing up in South Africa I had the Matchbox bronze version of the SM, I recall that because of the cars shape it never did well on the yellow slotted tracks we raced these little cars on, hence it survived my childhood with no chipped paint! Could only afford a DS20/5 later in life, but that still had the magic suspension and mushroom brake pedal as well.as a colum shift 5speed! Avant garde and locally assembled as your Slough models. Sadly rusted badly even in our dry climes. I now have another childhood memory, actually two, w123 Mercedes, coupe and sedan, the Germans got the metal sorted, built like a bank vault!

  • Brinley Phillips
    Brinley Phillips6 days ago

    Stunning car!!!

  • James Sunderland
    James Sunderland20 days ago

    Excellent review. Pure class 👌

  • John Fongers
    John Fongers20 days ago

    The two of you were made for each other, it suits you very well! Chique but aristocratic chique !


    The French don't build cars like anyone else, and no one else builds cars like the French! Also Bugatti and Delahaye, fantastique French cars.

  • Kevin Roberts
    Kevin Roberts26 days ago

    There are literally, hundreds of additional details that could have seasoned this video to make it more informative, Example: The boot is characterized by a Kamm-tail. Style & function are exquisitely married in every aspect of the SM.

  • John Fongers

    John Fongers

    20 days ago

    Yes yes yes the diravi power steering, the seats but come on give the man a break he is simply in love with this car and most people do not understand " the idea , the philosophy" of this car and he does! And I did not know about the wheels I was lucky as a kid when one of our neighbours bought one and took me for a ride in it, and you know what that man is in his late seventies now and we're still friends. To me that is important, he now drives a souped up Fiat 500 Twin Air that growls like a Ducati motorbike and he is in love with my fun car

  • Kevin Roberts
    Kevin Roberts26 days ago

    The headlamp glass coverings are not heated. The horizontal lines (and text) in the glass is a design flourish. For comparison, the Citroen DS 21 headlamp coverings have vertical lines and they serve no function.

  • Chas M
    Chas M27 days ago

    Definitely agree about the quirky pleasantness of the SM -- and I drove one yesterday. I also started wanting it at age 10. Still feeling great envy for the reinforced resin wheels, which I do not have and will not likely get. You did get one detail wrong: the ride height does not vary with vehicle speed. That said, it was the first car to have vehicle-speed-variable power steering.

  • Chris Cross
    Chris CrossMonth ago

    Gorgeous car! This is one especially well presented. The driving position is a little unusual, you tend to sit on it rather than in it if you know what I mean. Still that aside I would absolutely love one!

  • Jim D
    Jim DMonth ago

    Excellent review. What a beautiful car.

  • Sebastian Fernandez
    Sebastian FernandezMonth ago

    To me, the spheres appear to be flat, or at least very low in pressure (see 3:45 and 4:13). The car is even more comfortable!

  • Chris Adams
    Chris AdamsMonth ago

    Citroen made the most wonderful cars , cutting edge stuff, actually light years ahead of the competition.

  • Jose Manuel Suanes Albors

    Jose Manuel Suanes Albors

    3 days ago

    Now they make ninja turtles.

  • hisdec powys
    hisdec powysMonth ago

    How very interesting - thank you! I have also waited 40 years to get a Citroen SM - now it is to be restored! I share your dream.

  • Kevin Haggarthy

    Kevin Haggarthy

    Month ago

    Thanks so much! Live the dream! 👍🏼

  • Doms Ventures
    Doms VenturesMonth ago

    Really good review, such a lovely car!

  • Max
    MaxMonth ago

    Love the sitting down scene at first, very well shot !

  • Max


    Month ago

    @Kevin Haggarthy I did !

  • Kevin Haggarthy

    Kevin Haggarthy

    Month ago

    Thanks so much - hope you enjoyed the video

  • Max
    MaxMonth ago

    Oh yes it's here !

  • Autolist Canada
    Autolist CanadaMonth ago

    Awesome review... love it 👏

  • Kevin Haggarthy

    Kevin Haggarthy

    Month ago

    Thanks so much and very grateful for the positive feedback. More to come! 👍🏼

  • Dilip Rathod
    Dilip RathodMonth ago

    Beautiful car - way ahead if it’s time. Great review and video. Thanks guys. Dilip.

  • Dilip Rathod

    Dilip Rathod

    Month ago

    Oops, just spotted my typo - should be ‘way ahead of it’s time’.

  • Kevin Haggarthy

    Kevin Haggarthy

    Month ago

    Thanks so much Dilip. Really appreciate your comments 👍🏼

  • Brown Car Guy
    Brown Car GuyMonth ago

    Great stuff! Love it!

  • Kevin Haggarthy

    Kevin Haggarthy

    Month ago

    Thankyou Pal! 👍🏼